Tesla V4 Supercharger heralds good news for other brand cars

Tesla is already working on the fourth generation of its Superchargers. A new version called V4 will possibly arrive on the market in 2023 and that will do so with small but crucial physical modifications.

As we can see in the illustrations published by the @MarcoRPTesla account, the new design of the V4 Superchargers will be somewhat slimmer, but taller. This will result in less space occupation.

But without a doubt, the main change that this new aspect will bring will be that it will allow longer cables to be installed. This means that it will be easier to reach the socket in those models that do not have a port in a suitable area. Mainly those whose manufacturers have opted for the front fin, and that have a long nose. 

And it is that at present this characteristic added to the fact that the cables of the Superchargers are not exactly long causes that some vehicles are unable to reach the socket at certain stations. A problem that takes on special importance due to the opening of the Tesla network to other brands that will make it a fundamental economic leg in the coming years.

It will also make it possible to deploy stations where they can charge heavy vehicles, such as electric trucks or buses, which may also have difficulty locating their charging socket near the point.

Tesla V3 Supercharger
Tesla V3 Supercharger

As we remember, the current V3 chargers offer a maximum of 250 kW of power, a figure that until recently could only be reached by Model 3 and Model Y in their Long Range versions, but which is now also accessible by Model S and Model X after a series of modifications in its charging system (until then they were limited to 225 kW).

As for the V4, this would mean reaching up to 350 kW, and even higher figures, considering industrial models, and leaping forward towards 800V architectures, where it will be possible to get the most out of this new generation.

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