Tesla will use batteries from rival brand BYD

Although  BYD is a rival electric car manufacturer of Tesla, the truth is that it is also one of the strongest companies among battery manufacturers. Above all by volume of production and by innovation in the technological section. So, although it is surprising,  Tesla will use BYD Blade batteries and, in addition, it will do so from the very next month of September.

Tesla has already begun to receive the supply of the first Blade-type batteries from the manufacturer BYD. They are receiving them at their facilities in Berlin, Germany, and according to leaked information, they will begin to be installed next month. At the moment they will be used only for European units, while Tesla’s facilities in Shanghai have no plans to use this type of battery. And it is surprising because BYD has its battery factory for electric cars right there.

The Tesla Model Y, the first model to use BYD Blade batteries

Units of the Tesla Model Y are primarily produced at Tesla’s facility in Berlin, Germany. At the moment this will be the first model to use BYD technology, although both companies may extend their agreement in the future. Be that as it may, we know that  BYD Blade batteries offer important advantages due to their design, especially because they make better use of space. And that, simply, to achieve a  higher energy density and a more contained weight for the final product.

In  Tesla cars in China, the suppliers that are being used are  CATL and LG Energy Solution. According to data from the last year 2021, CATL supplied Tesla with 70% of the batteries used in its factory in Shanghai, and LG Energy Solution was responsible for the remaining 30%. But one post, citing other sources, assures that at the moment nothing points to BYD supplying these batteries to Tesla’s facilities in China. Which, by the way, have a capacity of 750,000 cars per year, and are focused on the production of the  Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y.

In all this, there is another curious fact, and that is that  BYD will soon arrive in Europe marketing its cars. And in fact, Germany will be the market in which BYD begins its activity in the Old Continent. So, although one brand and the other will face each other in the electric car market, and they will be direct rivals with models like the BYD Seal, they will maintain close cooperation for the supply of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars. of Tesla.

BYD battery

This same week we learned that China dominates the battery market with a  very wide difference. In this ranking, it is CATL – a supplier of Tesla, among others – that dominates the market. But BYD, also of Chinese origin, occupies the third position and with some of the best technologies that exist at the moment applied to the electric vehicle. These types of agreements, like the one they have closed with Tesla, could help BYD  catapult its business.

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