Tesla works on a technical service that fixes the car in an hour

Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla is working on a system that aims to bring Formula 1’s stop-quick philosophy to its technical service. An express service that allows the customer to deliver and receive the revised or repaired car as quickly as possible.

Musk has indicated on Twitter that « Excited to work with Tesla Service to enable the service in the same hour as often as possible! Applying Formula 1 pit crew techniques to Tesla .”

Something that involves the implementation of a fast service that was already announced in 2015 thanks to the hiring of Kenny Handkammer, with extensive experience in Formula 1 and who would have designed this system. A Handkammer who by the way is no longer at Tesla, but is working at Lucid Motors.

The idea is that the customer can request the service through the App, as has always been done, and then receive an estimate of the time that its operation will need, all with the aim that the car is always ready on the same day, and even if It is possible in less than an hour. Of course, as long as the parts are available at the Technical Service at that time.

problems grow

But while Elon Musk announces faster services, something essential to serve an increasingly large fleet, the problems of the units leaving the factory are not only not reducing, but they are increasing.

This is indicated by the statistics collected by the @TroyTeslike account, which analyzes the data of units that have had to go through the workshop once they left the factory. Some worrying data. According to their data, the units fresh from the factory that has needed to go through the technical service in the first 30 days of ownership were:

  • 43% in 2018
  • 46% in 2019
  • 60% in 2020
  • 60% in 2021
  • 69% in 2022

A situation that is getting worse and that shows us that this 2022 only 36% of Model 3 buyers in the first quarter of 2022 did not have to visit, or have not been able to travel, to the technical service during the first 30 days, while that 54% had one and what is worse, 10% have had to go through the Technical Service twice.

Tesla Service

We might think that with the new models, like the Model Y, the quality controls would improve. That is not the case. The data shows that in the first quarter of 2022, only 26% of Model Y customers have not had to return to the workshop, while 65% have had to go at least once, and 9% twice.

And that these statistics do not show the units with a fault whose owners are too far from the Tesla workshops and need to organize the trip and make it coincide with their vacations or days off from work.

A sign that tells us that Tesla should focus on improving product quality and controls once the units leave the factory, in addition to expanding the Technical Services network, rather than offering an ultra-fast and very attractive express service, which does not avoid the inconvenience of customers who often have to travel hundreds of kilometers to their closest SC.

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