Tesla’s electric sedan is cheaper than Volvo EX30

It is more powerful, more affordable, and more technological than all its rivals, so it is easy to understand why it has such resounding success over them. In a market in which prices are increasingly higher, it is striking that a manufacturer that also has the most cutting-edge technology among all those that manufacture electric cars is the one that, precisely, offers the cheapest models. And, in addition, lower rates regularly. But that’s how it is.

The relationship between size, technology, and price of its cars is the absolute key to Tesla‘s success. This is something that becomes obvious very quickly when putting into context the price of the cheapest version of the model that inaugurates the brand’s range on the lower side, the Model 3.

It is a D-segment saloon, so, by size, we are looking at a car of similar size to an Audi A4 or a BMW 3 Series or other electric cars such as the Hyundai Ioniq 6 or the Polestar 2.

What is not assimilated to electric cars of its size is the price. The Tesla Model 3 has a price of 39,900 euros in Spain in its access version, which is not exactly a short variant of features or contained range, quite the opposite: it is still one of the ones with the most range on the market and the one that more it has a price below 45,000 euros.

Tesla Model 3

What’s more, for a price similar to the Tesla Model 3 we can only look at other alternatives in the B-SUV segment, which are smaller in size, less powerful, and with less range. There is, for example, the MG4 Extended Range which costs 40,690 euros, measures 4.28 meters, and has 520 kilometers of range; the 64 kWh Kia e-Niro, which costs 42,314 euros, measures 4.34 meters and has 460 kilometers of range, or the Volvo EX30 Core Single Motor Extended Range, which costs 42,034 euros, measures 4.23 meters and has 480 kilometers of range.

These are electric cars of similar cost. If we look at electric cars comparable in size and range, their price skyrockets. A Hyundai Ioniq 6 starts at 49,620 euros and offers 410 kilometers of range. If we want a similar or greater range than the Model 3, the rear-wheel drive Star variant offers 614 kilometers but costs 58,010 euros. A Polestar 2, for its part, offers between 505 and 542 kilometers of range(depending on the tire size chosen), but its price rises to 52,900 euros before adding any optional elements.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 measures 4.72 meters in length, has a huge trunk of 594 liters (plus 88 liters of the front trunk), and the most affordable version, the one that costs those aforementioned 39,900 euros, offers a minimum range of 513 kilometers. This data is relative to the choice of 19-inch wheels, the largest, but, if we choose the so-called Photon, 18 inches, the range rises to 543 kilometers, according to the brand.

Taking the above into account and putting it in context with the rest of the offer, it is normal that Tesla managed to put almost half a million Model 3 units on the streets last year. This year something similar is expected to happen, but next year, with the renewal of the model that is now beginning to arrive at dealerships, it could surpass both brands.

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