Tesla’s most anticipated cheap model may not be produced

Tesla’s most anticipated car may never see the light of the sun. The latest leaks confirm that development is paralyzed, although Elon Musk assures that it is still standing.

It is destined to be one of the cars that revolutionize the industry. A true mass promoter, but it seems that it is not going to be like that. We have been talking about the Tesla Model 2 for years. The company’s smallest and most economical car. A highly anticipated product that could transform the concept of mobility. However, after having heard many theories and speculations about him, his future is more dark than clear. As reported by Electrek, a renowned media specializing in sustainable mobility, the Model 2 project is, right now, in limbo. There’s nothing going on and it doesn’t look like I’ll be seeing it anytime soon. 

That doesn’t mean that at some point there hasn’t been the idea of ​​launching a small, cheap electric car. A small group at Tesla is secretly working on that idea. A project that received internal code from NV9. The progress had been significant. The platform seemed to be almost ready. A structure capable of adjusting to different purposes, including the new Robotaxi that Tesla will officially present next August. A vehicle designed from the ground up to offer the long-awaited autonomous driving. One of the great promises of the industry.

Musk prioritizes his dream autonomous driving Robotaxi

Elon Musk is a firm defender of the concept of untethered mobility. The human will go from being the driver to a simple passenger. While we still don’t know what form Robotaxi will take, what we do know is that its development is costing the company an arm and a leg. So much so that it has eaten up its budget and that of the Model 2. A few weeks ago Reuters published the first details about a possible suspension of development. Musk’s response was not long in coming, classifying the international media’s words as lies. However, new evidence shows that right now it is not the priority of those in Austin.


According to familiar sources, in December of last year, Musk informed the engineering team that the NV9 project was a priority for 2024. Everything indicated that its production was going to be carried out at the Texas Gigafactory using a new assembly system. , although the company’s own CEO also assured that the German plant was going to be in charge. However, recently, the same sources claim that the project has lost all funding and that many people involved in the development have taken to the streets as part of the round of layoffs that have been announced. Tesla is going to lay off 10% of its workforce internationally. 

It seems that the world is going to be left without its long-awaited cheap electric car, at least signed by Tesla. Many rival companies are working on promising developments, while China is already beginning to show the first pieces. Musk seems stubborn and committed to the concept of autonomous driving. The Robotaxi is the big launch for 2024 and many workers are assured that it will be almost impossible to meet the deadlines estimated by the boss. August is closer than it seems. Until then, many things can change and if Tesla is known for something, it is for not meeting the initially agreed deadlines.

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