The 10 best small cars for the city

Anyone who buys a small car is usually either at home in the big city or simply doesn’t need a lot of space. Small city runabouts are cheap and the running costs are also limited. No wonder these models are very popular. We have summarized the best small cars for you.

The placements are made up of the small car models that we mostly configure. If you still can’t find the car you’re looking for on this list, we have other small car deals for you that may better suit your individual needs.

Renault Zoe

We can warmly recommend the Renault Zoe to anyone who is considering buying a small electric car. The look is pleasing and the low maintenance costs also speak for the environmentally friendly city runabout. With the fairly large facelift in 2019, the range has increased, but it remains professional for the city and short distances.

Because the battery performance of e-cars depends on many variables that have a huge impact on the range, which can be problematic over long distances. The selection of assistance systems is also larger in other models, but safety was still given the maximum rating in the Euro NCAP crash test. Otherwise like the Zoe, the space in the interior and trunk is no reason to complain. So if you want to do something good for the environment, the Zoe is a good everyday companion.

Renault Zoe
  1. Electric veteran
  2. Can be ordered with 4 different motors
  3. Futuristic design

Fiat 500 Electric

Fiat 500 Electric

Small car or mini car? The Fiat 500 Electric is more of the latter. But you really shouldn’t blame him for that: the Fiat 500 has always been small, cuddly, and somehow a bit impractical – but you don’t buy it to transport large water tanks, but simply to be mobile in the city to save space.

Since the 500 has been available with an electric drive, its urban concept has been extremely tempting: with a length of 3.63 meters, it shouldn’t be difficult for drivers to find a free parking space. Although one might think that his look with the headlights beveled on the bonnet looks tired, this is by no means true of the driving performance: it is small, maneuverable, lively, and on top of that it comes with an electric range of around 320 kilometers. Not as tired as it looks, the cute 500 Elektro!

  1. The electric variant of the Fiat 500
  2. Special sounds when opening and closing
  3. Up to 320 kilometers range
Opel Corsa-e

Opel Corsa-e

Even without an electric drive, the Opel Corsa has always been a bestseller for the brand. The Corsa-e is also well received by customers because the new Corsa generation is modern and down-to-earth at the same time. Peppered with all sorts of new technology, a lot of comforts, and a range suitable for everyday use, the Corsa-e is a great companion in everyday life. But don’t expect too much space and the two-year guarantee isn’t the highest either.

The price is also comparatively high, but with the environmental bonus, it drops to a really good level.

  1. Brother of the Peugeot e-208
  2. Sophisticated technology
  3. Very comfortable
Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo

There is only one thing that can be said about the VW Polo: you can’t go wrong with it! It is not for nothing that the small car from Wolfsburg is one of the most popular models in its class. Despite its small size, the Polo offers a surprising amount of space, both for passengers and their luggage. The whole 351 liters of trunk volume is VW in its datasheet.

The sophisticated engine technology and solid workmanship have always been guarantors of the success of the VW Polo. For the perennial favorite in the VW repertoire, however, you have to shell out a comparatively large number of pennies, especially if you expect extra comfort from the equipment. It gets sporty with the VW Polo GTI: Then you can dash around the urban curves with exterior dimensions suitable for cities and a whopping 207 hp.

  • Small car bestseller in Germany
  • Extensive safety equipment 
  • Digital cockpit
Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris

Right at the beginning a big advantage that other small cars don’t have to offer: the Yaris is also available as a hybrid. The hybrid drive is particularly worthwhile for a small car that is often driven in city traffic – and customers see it that way too. Especially those who cannot yet bring themselves to a purely electric drive should be right here. Inside, the Toyota Yaris is clear and comfortable, the trunk holds an average of 286 to 768 liters. The Yaris is tuned very harmoniously, resulting in a pleasant driving experience.

No savings were made on safety either because the Toyota Safety Sense safety package is intended to prevent accidents. If you want to drive efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way, you can’t avoid the hybrid. In addition, because the price is absolutely fine and includes several things that you have to pay extra for with a petrol engine.

  1. Available as a hybrid
  2. Car of the Year 2021
  3. Excellent connectivity
Mitsubishi Space Star

Mitsubishi Space Star

The Mitsubishi Space Star is almost a small surprise in this top 10 article because you don’t hear or see anything about it on the German streets very often. Wrongly, in our opinion, it walks the tightrope between price and performance better than some of its competitors. In contrast to the previous generation, the Space Star looks much more modern and fresh, the chrome elements in the grill give a bit of a premium feel. However, if you immediately go into the driver’s cabin after this impression, you will probably be a bit disappointed at first.

Hard plastic greets you when you get in, but it’s still well made. However, the good mood returns once you realize that the little Space Star has just about everything you need. The three-cylinder engine does not cause heart palpitations and certainly not for speed records, but it is perfectly adequate for everyday use. In addition, the Space Star is very frugal: in city traffic, a maximum of 5.4 liters should be consumed on average. The Space Star is therefore a real tip for bargain hunters who don’t want to dig too deep into the money box when buying a car.

  1. One of the cheapest new cars in Germany
  2. Somewhat tired engine
  3. Dressed up exterior
Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20

The Hyundai i20 is ideal for those who don’t want a Polo and still need a small car with as much space as possible. It is even a few euros cheaper and also does an excellent job. Because nowadays you no longer have to do without when buying a small car, which is also illustrated by the solid workmanship and the high level of practicality. As with the Polo, you don’t drive a small car race with the i20, but you’re still quite agile.

Overall, the South Korean’s performance is sufficient, but if you want a little more sportiness, you’ll probably have to resort to the Hyundai i20 N. The topic of safety is also very important at Hyundai – at least as far as braking performance is concerned. This is excellent, but the assistance systems are rather average. The i20 does not have any major weaknesses, so it is always an alternative to the Polo.

  1. Cheaper alternative to the VW Polo
  2. Good safety features 
  3. Racing feeling with the Hyundai i20 N
Renault Twingo Electric

Renault Twingo Electric

With the Renault Twingo Electric, we are dealing with a real trendsetter: its electrified spirit meets a trendy exterior. The Twingo Electric is a particularly good choice for individualists, as the color palette of the small car offers exciting tones such as mango yellow or Valencia orange.

Anyone who sees the cute design as an insufficient purchase argument may be more convinced of the built-in battery. A range of almost 190 kilometers is possible with the Twingo Electric, of course depending on the weather conditions and the speed driven. The Twingo Electric is not to be had for a holiday trip, but its manageable trunk and the somewhat small range are reluctant. But the car is always good as a companion in urban areas.

  1. Trendy small car
  2. Somewhat meager range
  3. There are two configurations to choose from
Skoda Fabia

Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia is practice-oriented and very flexible. Here you get a city car, a motorhome and a family carriage in one – of course, you always have to make compromises in terms of space and comfort with a small car . But if you want a solid and safe, small car, you’ll do a lot right with the Fabia. It handles well on the road and drives safely. When looking into the interior, one, unfortunately, sees a lot of hard plastic, which shows what the Fabia stands for: practical use and few frills.

Nevertheless, one sits quite comfortably, which is mainly because there is enough space on all sides. If you want to buy cheap, the Fabia is the right choice and it is not only cheap but also worth its price in the truest sense of the word. However, one should not expect unnecessary ballast in the form of optical highlights and surprising designs.

  1. Solid workmanship
  2. Mature VW technology
  3. Timeless design
Dacia Spring

Dacia Spring

The new hottie at Dacia is called Spring and has been a favorite of the masses since it was launched. To be honest: Actually, we shouldn’t withhold from you that the Spring belongs more to the category of mini-SUVs, but at 3.73 meters it’s shorter than a VW Polo and therefore absolutely deserves to be in this top- 10 articles to appear.

The Dacia Spring is not popular because of any massage seats or high-end assistance systems (because such gimmicks cannot be ordered from the Spring), but because of its chic design, suitability for everyday use, and of course the down-to-earth price. Those who choose the Spring get a lot of hard plastic in return, but a light, a small car that can travel around 230 kilometers on one charge. That should be enough for the city unless someone intends to commute 9 times in a row between the extreme east edge of Munich and the extreme western edge.

  1. Inexpensive electric car
  2. Renault technology for the tight purse
  3. More of a mini SUV

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