The best electric car of 2023 costs under 20,000 euros

For many years, buying an electric car has been a luxury that not everyone can afford. Among other things, because electric vehicles were much more expensive than their gasoline equivalents. However, that situation is beginning to change, and it is becoming easier to find cheaper electric cars and, above all, with very good features. The case of the model in question is somewhat unique because it is directly cheaper than a Volkswagen Golf and, however, it is much better in many aspects. Especially at the power level, in terms of equipment which comes standard and, of course, because it is €9,000 cheaper.

While a basic Volkswagen Golf can be purchased today for approximately 28,800 euros, according to websites specializing in the sale of new cars, the electric one in question only costs 19,480 euros in its cheapest version. Yes, okay, we must keep in mind that it includes the maximum aid from the MOVES III Plan, but the brand advances €7,000 of this aid. We are talking, as it could not be otherwise, about the cheap MG 4 which, by the way, comes with 170 HP of maximum power in its version for less than €20,000, however, the Golf starts with 110 HP with a 1.0 engine TSI without electrification.

More powerful and much better equipped than the standard Volkswagen Golf

The MG 4 has a body that is 4.28 meters long, so it is identical in measurements to the model we are comparing it to, which is the Volkswagen Golf. Both are compact, but with the important difference that the MG 4 is electric and, however, the Golf has a gasoline engine without even electrification, so it has the DGT C label. Yes, they are the two opposite poles and, as we said, the MG 4 costs approximately 9,000 euros less. And that, as we are going to see, is a much better purchase in many really important ways.

MG 4 Electric Car

The MG 4 comes with a 7-year warranty and the brand also offers it with one year of free comprehensive insurance, so the savings are even greater than the €9,000 price difference. In addition, as we highlighted, this electric car has 170 HP of power and the Golf has a 1.0 TSI engine with 110 HP. On the other hand, the MG 4 has an already remarkable range of 350 km, which is enough to travel without worries, although I would recommend a higher version if you are going to travel very frequently. For greater peace of mind, although it is not essential to have more range.

Another key aspect is that the MG 4 comes with much more standard equipment than the Volkswagen Golf, even though the German model has always been one of the reference options within the category. And, by the way, what the Volkswagen Golf is indeed better is in the trunk. The German has 381 liters of capacity and, however, the MG 4 remains at 363 liters. And it is not an exaggerated difference, but if we are going to give it family use it is something to take into account, of course. Now, the MG 4 is more spacious in its rear seats.

MG 4 Electric Car

Even without taking into account the €7,000 of the MOVES III Plan, which involves scrapping an old car, the price would remain at €23,980 without also taking into account the financing discount. That is to say, even in the worst-case scenario, the MG 4 is still almost 5,000 euros cheaper than the cheapest version of the Volkswagen Golf. And yes, they are going to start saying ‘You can’t compare a Chinese car with a German one’, and things like that. But the reality is this, and everyone can buy what they want.

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