The BMW i7 will have a 31-inch screen in the rear seats

Although the main protagonist of the BMW stand at CES 2022 has been the iX Flow prototype, a concept car capable of changing color at the push of a button, this was not the only novelty with which the Bavarian firm has attended the important event. Thus, in addition to presenting the iX M60, the company has revealed the huge panoramic screen that the next 7 Series will mount in its rear seats.

The launch of the new 7 Series is scheduled for this year; In addition, it has been confirmed that for the first time in the history of this model it will be accompanied by an electric variant, which will receive the trade name i7. This representative saloon will have to face, among others, the sumptuous Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Given that the 7 Series and BMW i7 will become the maximum exponent of luxury and technology within the BMW range, it is not surprising that both are going to release several firsts. One of them will be the aforementioned “BMW Theater Screen”, a monstrous 31-inch tilting screen that will delight second-row passengers.

This large display will have 8K technology, will offer different display formats (up to 32: 9), and will have 5G connectivity, HD webcam, a 128 GB internal hard drive, Bluetooth headphones … To control the infotainment system, passengers will have of smartphone-like touchscreens built into the door panels.

The BMW i7 will be presented this year

To prevent drivers of vehicles behind from being distracted, BMW has designed a blind that will automatically unfold over the rear window at the same time as the screen. Given the bulk of the monitor, it is to be expected that the center mirror is a digital display connected to a rear camera.

BMW i7 31-inch screen

Everything seems to indicate that this option can be associated exclusively with the “Executive Lounge” pack with two individual seats. With this configuration, users will enjoy reclining seats, heated, ventilated, and with massage function, a relatively common extra within the exclusive F-segment.

To complement the “BMW Theater Screen”, BMW has developed a 4D quality sound system consisting of more than 30 speakers (some of them integrated into the seats themselves). Combining both technologies, the new 7 and i7 Series are expected to offer passengers an experience close to that of a private theater.

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