The first electric BMW i5 is very close to launch

The first generation of the BMW 5 Series, with which the first electric variants will arrive, already has an official presentation date.

The BMW 5 Series will catch up in the coming weeks. This generation will be marked by the arrival of a 100% electric alternative, which will be called the BMW i5, a movement identical to what we have already witnessed with other vehicles, such as the BMW i7 or the BMW iX1, for example. A similar strategy will be carried out in the classic saloon.

Now, the Munich company has already confirmed that its coming-out will be held on May 24. So in less than a month, all the secrets of the German model will be revealed.

In general terms, an aesthetic update is expected, with new thinner and more stylized headlights, a new completely faired grill (in the case of the 100% electric variant), or a C-pillar with a more pronounced drop. The latter will generate a better aerodynamic coefficient and a more dynamic image. Its rear lights will also be completely new, although with a clear similarity to other models of the firm.

The passenger compartment will also receive the corresponding update, with the double screen that the brand calls BMW Curved Display and each one of more than 12 inches. The upholstery will be made of top-quality materials, although with a clear nod to the use of recycling processes in certain elements. Its living space will be comparable to that of the recently updated Mercedes E-Class since they have historically been models that have competed with each other.

BMW i5

As expected, the technology in driving functions will be elevated, such as the so-called highway driving assistant, which will allow its driver to release the steering wheel for a few seconds (within the standard parameters of level 2 autonomous driving) so that let the car keep the car in the lane and help monitor the environment.

In mechanical terms, the BMW i5 is expected to initially have two power variants. In the first place, and as an access version, the so-called eDrive40 will arrive with a single electric motor on the rear axle and 250 kW (335 CV) of power. One step above will be the M60 xDrive with a double electric motor scheme, a figure of around 448 kW (600 CV), and elements touched up by the brand’s sports division, such as suspensions or steering, among others.

BMW i5

Of course, the BMW 5 Series will incorporate plug-in hybrid alternatives, as the model has been doing so far, and from which range of around 100 kilometers are expected. Additionally, there will be “classic” gasoline or diesel engines supported by a Mild-Hybrid system, which will grant it the long-awaited DGT ECO label.

In just a few weeks we will leave all doubts about this saloon so historic within the brand. Its commercialization should start at the end of summer or the beginning of autumn at a starting price that is still unknown.

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