The head of Alfa Romeo gives out about new electric Giulia

The Quadrifoglio version will be 100% electric with a high-performance powertrain. Its launch is scheduled for 2025.

Alfa Romeo sees a new renaissance in the electric age. The Italian company has been immersed in a process of change for years. The introduction into the Stellantis Group has given him wings to stay alive. Jean-Philippe Imparato,  CEO of the company, knows that Alfa’s image has to change completely but without letting its heritage fall by the wayside. The Italians have always been synonymous with sportsmanship and now, thanks to electric technology, they will be able to make up the ground they lost to their German rivals. The head of the company has given the first details of the most extreme version of Giulia.

This is not the first time we have talked about the Alfa Romeo Giulia. The relaunch of the saloon was a turning point for those in Turin, but the effect of the revolution was quickly diluted. Today their sales barely represent a small part of the market, but they are already working for a radical change. As already anticipated, Alfa Romeo will be one of the first Stellantis brands to go 100% electric and the new saloon will play a very important role in this new era.

The Italians have many ideas on the table. This 2023 will be the year in which we meet the first electrician in the house. Known internally as Alfa Romeo Brennero, there is still a lot about it that we don’t know. In the absence of confirming the name, we know that it is a B-segment SUV that will have much in common with the Jeep Avenger. It will be presented in the last stages of the course and its production will not start until 2024. With it, Alfa Romeo promises to change the pace and in the coming years, more electric cars will be launched, from a large SUV to multiple versions of the Giulia.

Under the new electric emblem of the house, the saloon will change from head to toe to use the STLA platform. As Imparato has acknowledged to Autocar: “We change because we have to, otherwise Alfa Romeo would be dead.” The architecture focused on electric models will allow the Giulia to offer a highly varied mechanical range. The access version will offer 345 horsepower. The Veloce unit will increase performance to 790 horsepower and the Giulia Quadrifoglio will reach the 1,000 horsepower barrier. That’s almost double the power that today’s twin-turbo V6 currently squeezes out.

This extreme version will have many details shared with the new Maserati GranTurismo Folgore. An architecture of three engines, one in the front axle and two in the rear, and all-wheel drive is expected to ensure good behavior and safe handling. The optimization and management of torque will be key to being able to send such power to the wheels. But the next Giulia Quadrifoglio will not only be fed by performance, since great range must also be added, as the CEO of Alfa Romeo himself has recognized.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Imparato wants the new electric Giulia to be seen as a “replacement” for the current model and not as a forced change or downgrade. For this, it is necessary to establish generous range and the first figure that the maximum executive of the firm has thrown is 700 kilometers. Using an 800-volt architecture that promises short charging times, the battery size will be in the region of 100 kWh or more. There is still a long time until we know every detail about the Giulia and its highly anticipated high-performance version. The presentation will not take place until 2025 and it will not be until 2026 that production starts.

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