The hydrogen Toyota Mirai will also work as VTC

Toyota Spain has found a new use for four of its first-generation Toyota Mirai. This model, which was discontinued in 2020, is part of the group of the first hydrogen fuel cell cars to be registered in Spain. These four units are placed at the service of Cabify and its subsidiary company Vector.

The Mirai will be available in the Cabify Eco fleet, with a view to the corporate client who always requires low-emission models -or without local emissions- to move around the Madrid area. A catalog of hybrids and electrics ( such as Renault’s Mobilize Limo ) are joined by the first hydrogen VTC cars in Spain. Of course, they only have a gas station, sorry, hydroline.

It is located on Avenida Manoteras, near the A-1 and the M-30, and was inaugurated in 2021. It is a joint project of Toyota Spain, Enagás -through the startup Scale Gas-, Urbaser, Carburos Metálicos, Sumitomo Corporation Spain, and the Spanish Confederation of Service Stations. It is open to the public, but to any public that has been previously authorized by a company in the consortium.

From Toyota Spain they confirm that the hydroline still has a limit of two refuelings per day, so the issue will have to be organized a bit. The first generation Toyota Mirai also has 700 bar pressure tanks, like the current model. The car is compatible with refueling at 350 bar pressure, although it would only store half the hydrogen at 700 bar.

Toyota Mirai

According to the NEDC homologation cycle, the one that corresponded to the first-generation model, it can travel about 550 kilometers with 5 kg of hydrogen. The EPA approval is almost 500 kilometers. To store so little mass of hydrogen, a lot of volumes are needed, 122.4 liters, so it is a four-seater model. Refueling takes 3 minutes.

The deployment of hydrogen cars in Spain is very, very slow. To build demand for hydrogen, you have to start with fleets and companies. The fleet of four Mirai for Cabify could be expanded at the end of the year, as the members of the consortium change the first generation models for those of the second. In the middle term before reaching the public, autonomous drivers, the current Toyota Mirai has been approved to work as a taxi since March, but not the first-generation model.

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