The new Tesla Model 3 can create a bombshell with its price

We have spent a few months seeing how Tesla prepares the renewal of the Model 3. Since November of last year, some alleged images have allowed us to begin to learn some details of this new model that will arrive to revitalize the sales of the saloon. Now, from China come images of the last summer tests and new and interesting information.

And it is that after more than six years on the market, the Tesla Model 3 has earned a load wash. But instead of a simple restyling as usual, Tesla will make small exterior changes, but quite important inside.

The external design will not suffer major changes. The front will taper slightly to resemble that of the Tesla Model S. But, barring surprise, it won’t be easy to spot the new version at first glance.

Where there will be significant changes will be in an interior that will have gained in quality, and that will have a new look, very similar to the Model S. Something that makes some sense since Tesla will seek to unify designs to save costs by sharing some components.

The latest images captured by Chinese photographers show us a group of new generation Model 3s carrying out some tests on the roads of the Asian country, and where we can see how the driver of one of them has his hand on the top of the wheel arch. Something that, luckily, indicates that he will not ride the absurd Yoke steering wheel.

We have also recently learned that the computer that controls the entire system will not be the 4.0 that the Model Y is building, and will be a slightly lighter version called 3.5. An aspect that would reduce costs.

The battery, for its part, will grow by 10%, going from 60 to 66 kWh, which, with an improvement in the propulsion system and less weight, should bring the approved range of the Standard version to the figures of the Long Range when it arrived in Europe. That will be about 540 kilometers with each charge under the WLTP cycle.

Tesla Model 3

But without a doubt, the big blow on the table can be given by Tesla with the question of price. And it is that the new production processes, more efficient and with increasing economies of scale, will allow not only to maintain but even to reduce prices.

In China, it is indicated that the new model will start at 200,000 yuan, which, if confirmed, would be 13% less than the current model. Something that translated to our market, would mean a reduction of about 5,000 euros, leaving its price at a more than juicy 35,000 euros, before aid.

Of course, we insist that these are rumors, but if confirmed, we would undoubtedly be talking about a true missile to the waterline of the rest of the brands, which would see how Tesla puts a price in many cases 10,000 euros cheaper than its cheapest proposals.

And also, it would do so with a renewed, more modern, and efficient model. Something that would have a difficult response from Western groups, and will even be a challenge for many Chinese manufacturers.

A new Tesla Model 3 would already be in the production process at the Shanghai plant, and that should begin to reach the first customers after the summer.

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