The Next Acura NSX Will Be 100% Electric

The NSX is surely one of Honda’s most important models in history. The first generation of this supercar, launched in the early 1990s, quickly earned the nickname “Japanese Ferrari” thanks to its distinctive aesthetics, brilliant performance, and unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Although this model was sold worldwide under the Honda brand, in the United States it wore the Acura badge, the premium firm of the Japanese manufacturer. It was precisely the vice president and director of Acura in the United States, Jon Ikeda, in charge of confirming that the next generation of the NSX “is going to be [fully] electric”.

Although the project has not yet received the green light, the truth is that Honda already confirmed at the time of the development of a vehicle with these characteristics. According to Ikeda himself, the new NSX should not only be fast on straights, but it should once again become a benchmark for technology at the service of driving dynamics.

The truth is that the second generation of the NSX has already been partially electrified since the model was equipped with a 3.5 V6 Biturbo engine associated with three electric drives. However, this offering didn’t shine in the same light as its predecessor, probably because it didn’t offer anything that other competing brands didn’t.

The Honda NSX will probably launch in the second half of the decade

So it wouldn’t be surprising if the third-generation Honda NSX debuted advancements like solid electrolyte batteries, a solution Honda is currently working on. Although the company will begin pilot production of these batteries in 2024, volume manufacturing will most likely take a few years to reach.

Acura NSX

For this reason, initially using them on a low-run model like the NSX makes perfect sense. Although this movement is not confirmed, it would be similar to the one that Toyota will carry out with the next Lexus LFA, which will also be one of its first models to be equipped with solid electrolyte batteries, which will allow it to exceed 700 km of autonomy.

While Honda is working on three new platforms for its next electric cars (targeting small, medium, and large models respectively), the future NSX will most likely use a dedicated architecture, which should allow the brand to go one step further. there at the level of technical specifications.

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