The Next BMW X4 Will Be Electric

The winds of change are blowing at BMW. While they are still reluctant to give a specific date for its total electrification, leaving combustion engines aside, it continues to advance with its electric technology and with its “i” family models, the letter with which they have decided to identify all car’s electricity coming out of their factories. That they have dared to launch an electric version of their representative sedan says a lot about the objectives of these Bavarians.

But perhaps the most interesting thing to happen in the BMW range is the disappearance of the BMW X4, at least with combustion engines. This is stated in a report that according to BMWBlog, Bimmer Post has been published, one of the most important forums dedicated to the German firm. This forum mentions the user ynguldyn, who has become famous for his accurate predictions of the brand and his models. Said forum member says that there is not enough demand to keep the X4 with combustion engines in production.

However, it will remain on the market with electric motors. The model is reportedly known internally as the NA7 and will go into production at the new plant in Debrecen, Hungary, from November 2026. The brand’s original plans, it seems, included the development of a new generation for the BMW X4, but finally, it has been decided to stop such development and cancel the next generation of the model with combustion engines and focus on the version with electric motors.

It is stated that the model will be articulated on the Neue Klasse platform, and will mount Gen6 batteries with 30% more capacity and charging speed while reducing weight by 20%. In any case, there is no confirmation from the brand in this regard, at least for the moment, the current BMW X4 has, at least, another two years, perhaps three, left on the market, since it dates from 2018.


Nor would it be strange if, finally, these rumors were true. We must not forget that Europe is heading towards a ban on the sale of new combustion engines from 2035 and any investment in new combustion developments does not seem very logical. In addition, BMW has the objective that 50% of its sales by 2030 are electric cars and for this, it is necessary to offer a range that is attractive enough for users to opt for electric technology. And attractive, nowadays, means full of electric SUVs… so a BMW iX4 makes a lot of sense.

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