The next Toyota GR86 will be a hybrid car

Toyota has started the development of the third generation of the GR86. The sports model, for the first time, will incorporate electrified mechanics together with components already released in other models.

The Toyota GR86 (and previously the GT86) has been able to conquer the hearts of most purists and is passionate about driving through “classic” design mechanics. However, after the success of this second generation, the Japanese firm is already developing what will be the generational substitute for the Japanese “popular sports car”. This will come with notable changes, including, for the first time, an electrified mechanic. 

The third generation of the Toyota GR86 will arrive in 2025. Many have the voices that spoke that this could be replaced by a new interpretation of the legendary Toyota MR2 and that it would bring 100% electric mechanics. Now, these rumors begin to subside and present a more natural evolution of GR86 concerning the current generation of sports.

This information has come through the Best Car Web medium, which admits that initially, they doubted the veracity of this information, but after a more intense investigation and the support of certain internal sources, they have confirmed the veracity of said rumor about the mechanical restructuring. of the GR86. 

In addition to the aforementioned electrification, the third generation of the Toyota GR86 will arrive, in parallel, with the support of a turbocharger, something that fans of the model have been asking for since its first generation. Additionally, it will land with private investment from Toyota. Until now, both the first and the second generation of the sports car have been supported by a conjunction between this company and Subaru, something that will be left behind, since the new generation GR86 will be a unique Toyota model. 

Toyota GR86

Likewise, and going into greater detail, the new GR86 will be supported by the New N platform that has been used by the Lexus IS until now. This architecture indeed is one of the oldest of Lexus, since it dates back to 2003; however, Toyota will make numerous significant changes to it to properly optimize and update it for the sporty model. 

It is expected that the new Toyota GR86 will take for itself the same engine block that the GR Yaris already mounts, a three-cylinder with a displacement of 1.6 liters and around 250 hp, although under the support of the same hybridization that the new Toyota Crown has already released. (model not available in Europe). This new architecture will give the sports car an approximate total power of around 325 hp. Thanks to these mechanics, the model will have a small electrical autonomy and an extra boost at times when its driver will demand maximum performance. 

Finally, it is also expected that it will continue to incorporate a manual gearbox as standard and an automatic alternative as an option. According to the same media that has published this information, those responsible for Toyota initially doubted the feasibility of launching a third generation of the sports car, since electrification would make it “heavier and more expensive”. However, the adoption of components already released in other vehicles would have significantly reduced the cost of development.

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