The Next Volkswagen Golf Will Be Electric

The Volkswagen ID.3 was conceived as heir to the historic Golf within the C segment (compact), one of the most important categories in the European market. However, the German firm does not plan to stop using a name with such tradition, so against all odds, the Golf will be electrified and will coexist with the ID.3.

Thomas Schafer, responsible for the brand, has been in charge of confirming this news. “We have iconic names, Golf and GTI. It would be crazy to let them die. We will continue with the ID range, but the iconic models will carry a name. We would not let go of the Golf name, in no way,” he declared at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

This opens the door to that, following the example of the van ID. Buzz, in the future there will be an ID. Golf. And is that the manager considers that the Golf and ID.3 are cars with different positions, which would open the door to a possible coexistence. “The ID.3 has never been the successor to the Golf, it’s more of a Golf Plus”.

The hypothetical Volkswagen ID. Golf would have an intermediate size between ID.2 (4.03 meters long) and ID.3 (4.26 meters long). Although its current generation (the eighth) should remain on the market until 2027/2028, it will most likely receive a deep restyling to continue on sale until 2033, living with the ID. electric golf.

The Beetle and Polo could also have a place in the future of Volkswagen

Taking into account the Volkswagen ID. Golf should not see the light of day until the end of the decade, it is highly likely that it will make use of the SSP modular platform, a highly flexible architecture that will replace the MEB of the ID.3. Among other things, this base will incorporate an 800-volt electrical system compatible with ultra-fast charges.

Volkswagen Golf

Another name that has many chances to survive is Polo, the company’s other great seller. On the other hand, after the success of the ID. Buzz Volkswagen is contemplating recovering the mythical Beetle, a project that the previous executive director of the group, Herbert Diess, spoke of on several occasions.

With his dismissal, this relaunch may have been canceled, since a lineup made up of the Polo, ID.2, Golf, and ID.3 would already have many overlaps in itself. All in all, the possibility of launching a retro model to compete against the FIAT 600 and MINI Aceman is probably too attractive to pass up.

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