The Polestar O2 in production? What’s the CEO’s opinion?

The Polestar O2 is a concept car presented in March 2022, with which the brand made it clear that the design section will be important. We must not forget that the current CEO of Polestar, Thomas Ingenlath, is a designer and, among other things, has worked in the design department of Volvo itself and the Volkswagen Group (in Skoda more specifically).

But not only did it show the path that Polestar would take in terms of design, not in vain, it is inspired by the lines of the Polestar 5, it also represented the brand’s “halo car”, a convertible two-seater with an electric motor and pajamas like an integrated drone. , which can be activated from the driver’s seat to record you while you drive.

It may seem like the dumbest idea in the world, but today, gadgets are what dictate many features of cars and users have more digital life than social, so an idea that seems the dumbest in the world, could be an argument to buy it. Yes, buy it, because apparently, it could reach production if we take Ingenlath’s statements to TopGear as a preview.

My ambition is to make it a production car. But it’s not so easy. Complexity must be respected. We have to see where the O2 goes. When you’ve painted a picture, it’s always good to let it sit and look at it after a couple of months and see if it’s a good picture.” – Statement by Thomas Ingenlath to TopGear

If we do a little memory, the Polestar O2 is an electric roadster that shares many things with the Polestar 5, such as the platform and the electric motor with more than 850 CV, at least in the case of the prototype, we would have to see how it would be upon arrival at production. The O2 was a prototype to make itself known, to show that the brand has a future and potential so that the public interested in high-level electrified cars recognizes the name and the brand itself.

Polestar O2

An objective that seems to be easy to achieve, since sales are getting better every day, but if you want to occupy a prominent place among the premium firms, “halo cars” are needed, niche models, of the image, precisely, as is the case of the Polestar O2.

However, the current market is not in a position to open its doors to a car like the O2. Prices keep going up while sales keep going down, so manufacturers are focusing on profitable models, and the Polestar O2 is not one of those cars. The firm needs to gradually expand the range with models that allow a level of sales that, although it will not be high, should be fluid and uninterrupted, so that everything can go ahead. A sporty roadster with an electric motor may have its place, but now it is not as easy as it might seem.

Polestar O2 interior

In addition, right now they are immersed in the development of the Polestar 5, the electric and super powerful sedan, which aims to annoy Porsche and its Panamera and Taycan, as well as Tesla, Mercedes, and also Volkswagen or Hyundai. And it will do so with its technology and developments, such as electric motors capable of producing, between two, 887 CV.

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