Range Rover Evoque will be 100% electric from 2024

Making your way in the world of SUVs is a brave task. But if you also have to set an example by being the first in your company to do so, it is a Stajanovist task. Thus, the Range Rover Evoque opened the ‘premium’ door of compact SUVs under the Land Rover umbrella (okay, there was the Freelander, but it wasn’t the same idea) and gave the English company unexpected success. 

Now, that same model opens another path, that of electrification. The second generation of this model will serve to begin the decarbonization stage of the brand. As has already transpired, this vehicle will be one of the models that will be designed based on a battery-powered electrical system instead of one with a hydrogen cell, as the firm plans with larger models.

The brand new electric Evoque will be based on the EMA platform, a more compact version of the MLA that shapes the recently presented Range Rover and which, in addition, will give rise to the electric Range Rover that will be launched on the market in 2023.

You can also incorporate a thermal block

Jaguar Land Rover has also confirmed hints of its new project, such as the fact that the EMA platform, although conceived from the outset to house fully electric power trains, will also be able to incorporate a compact-sized thermal block into its structure: could there be a possible range extender or a PHEV, at least, on the table?

In this way, the brand reserves the option of, in certain markets, incorporating the gasoline version and also betting on the possibility of long-range plug-in hybrid versions or extended-range electric variants. 

Range Rover Evoque

This means that there is the option of relying on an electric motor and a battery as the main actors in the power train, but delegating the task of recharging the battery and significantly gaining autonomy to a small heat engine.

We will still have to wait to see the new electric Range Rover Evoque on the street because in the English company there is a queue to present new vehicles. After presenting its greatest exponents in terms of luxury and technology, the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, the next turn will be for the Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport. 

And as we said, the wait will surely last until 2024, when its commercialization materializes. This fact opens the journalistic imaginary that speculates that during 2023, or even the end of 2022, the brand will let us see these new models in full.

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