Ferrari working on hybrid conversion of LaFerrari

Ferrari has started the development of LaFerrari’s hybrid replacement. A few hours ago a leak was published specifying a large number of details that the new hypercar of the Italian firm that will arrive in 2024 will have.

The Ferrari LaFerrari comes from a long line of hypercars that goes back almost to the very beginning of the brand itself; with iconic models such as the Ferrari F40 or the Ferrari Enzo. Now a new historical event could be experienced and it is the succession of the LaFerrari as the latest iconic jewel of the Italian brand. The last member of the lineage was the first to inaugurate a particular hybrid mechanical system and, of course, the successor will also do the same. It will also have a very limited number of units and state-of-the-art technology

Ferrari’s new plans have come to light via a post on the Auto Pareri forum. Of course, being a leak, we must give him the benefit of the doubt, although his contribution of such specific data as how many vehicles will be manufactured in each series has caused all the alarms to go off. The future hybrid hypercar said leak refers to as the Ferrari F250.

A total of 828 units are expected to be manufactured by the new member of the most extreme Ferrari family. These will be divided into specific versions. First of all, in October 2024, the firm will officially present the new model. This will be a high-performance vehicle but in its “standard” configuration. 599 units of this variant will be manufactured and will reach the market in 2025. 

A year later, in 2026, the XX version will arrive exclusively for the track and the most specialized customers. This version will have a much more limited edition since only 30 cars with particular characteristics will be manufactured. This XX program is intended for the best Ferrari customers. Finally, a year later, in 2027, the convertible variant of the same will appear, specifically, in October of that year. Of this, 199 units will be manufactured and the series of models of the so-called hybrid Ferrari F250 will conclude with a total of 828 vehicles. 

Likewise, the filtration does not end with these data, and also provides some extra brushstrokes on the tests of the same. They say that the Ferrari F250 will begin testing next February hidden under a test mule yet to be determined. The vehicle chosen for this purpose could be a unit of the current Ferrari SF90 Stradale or of the LaFerrari itself, as it has a very similar mechanical system. Today, the model should already be under development at the Italian company’s headquarters. 

Ferrari LaFerrari

Lastly, the document also talks about incorporating technology transferred directly from Formula 1 and the Le Mans Hypercar program. From the latter, it would take elements such as its hybrid mechanics, while from the premier class it could obtain the main aerodynamic elements. Regarding this, the head of Ferrari’s LMH program, Antonella Coletta, stated in an interview with the Autocar newspaper that his new racing model will be “a good laboratory” and that “the team’s staff have ideas that we can put into the car that later They will be good for future road cars. 

As expected, no specific information is yet known on what price the new Ferrari model will go on sale for, although its figures could be quoted beyond 2 million euros with some ease. 

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