The Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin reaches a new record

The German factory is a source of pride for Elon Musk. Hence, he is already planning his expansion to be able to build up to 750,000 more units than he currently produces.

The Berlin plant has earned its badge of being one of the most profitable North American electric car company. In recent months, the number of vehicles produced has been increasing at these facilities. Now it has reached a new record with which they hope to stabilize their production in the long term. This number is none other than 5,000 Tesla Model Y a week.

It was Elon Musk‘s goal: to be able to manufacture up to 250,000 units of his electric cars annually at the Gigafactory in Berlin. After starting its start-up last March 2022 (with many starting problems), Tesla had set itself reaching this amount by the end of 2022, nine months after its start-up. However, a major global supply crisis and many other headaches led to the postponement of this goal, which finally arrived three months later, one year after it started.

The latest growth experienced in Giga Berlin has been decisive. At the end of 2022, the facilities marked a weekly production of 3,000 units of the Tesla Model Y; later, just a few weeks ago, they increased that number by another thousand units, thus reaching 4,000 weekly. Now, they have managed to produce 5,000 electric cars per week.

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin

If this trend continues, up to 250,000 vehicles a year could leave the European plant. Although this figure is Elon Musk’s original goal, the truth is that the American magnate is already thinking of exceeding it. Just a few weeks ago the company’s intention to expand these facilities with the sole purpose of reaching an annual production of one million vehicles per year was made public. This will mean increasing the figure by no less than 750,000 additional units.

Before said expansion occurs, the factory as we know it today could accommodate the manufacture of up to 500,000 cars per year. To do this, Tesla could add a new model to its lines soon. The first indications pointed to the Tesla Model 3, although at the moment nothing else is officially known about it.

Be that as it may, and to celebrate such a figure, the North American company has launched several publications on its official social networks. In a striking video that lasts just 28 seconds, the assembly process of a Tesla Model Y can be seen throughout its entire journey through the German facilities.

Will Giga Berlin manage to surpass the number reached so far? Many experts suggest that this could be the case, directly estimating the production of 10,000 vehicles per week. With this, the current figures would be doubled and would stand at the aforementioned 500,000 cars annually.

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