The Volvo EX90 will offer two-way charging

Little by little, Volvo is unpacking the details of the 2024 EX90, its next electric SUV. It will be the manufacturer’s first model to offer two-way charging.

On November 9, in Sweden, Volvo will unveil its new flagship SUV, the electric EX90, which will eventually replace the XC90 in the range. Before making the official unveiling, the manufacturer unpacks, little by little, the technical characteristics. Volvo begins by telling us about bidirectional charging, a first in the history of the brand.

Much like the Ford F-150 Lightning offers, the EX90’s two-way charging will allow it to send energy back to power accessories or your home. It will also be possible to resell electricity to the grid.

Volvo strongly believes that two-way charging will help alleviate the problems of high demand from the public power grid in some areas. In other words, when the network is in surplus, the vehicle recharges, but when the network is in high demand, the vehicle can give it back. Everything is managed automatically by the vehicle.

Volvo Concept Recharge

The manufacturer hasn’t mentioned anything yet about the capacity of the battery and how much energy it will be able to deliver when it reverses its power. However, in its press release, Volvo claims that the EX90’s battery will be powerful enough to power your home, charge an electric bike or even operate electronic devices during a camping trip, among other things.

Volvo EX90 Bi-directional Charging
Volvo EX90 Bi-directional Charging

In addition, Volvo talks about the possibility of being able to troubleshoot other electric Volvos, i.e. the two-way charging of the EX90 could be used to supply the battery of a Volvo XC40 Recharge, for example. On the other hand, another Volvo vehicle will be able to restore energy to the EX90 thanks to its bidirectional system. In all likelihood, this technology will eventually make its way to Polestar vehicles. However, Volvo does not mention it in its press release.

LCN will travel to Sweden next November to attend the launch of the EX90. Until then, we will continue to update you on this model as information becomes available.

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