This city will limit the use of electric scooters

In recent years we have witnessed a veritable invasion of new forms of mobility in our cities. The arrival of electric bicycles has been accompanied by scooters, which privately or through sharing systems, have transformed the way of moving. But these changes also bring associated other challenges, which the American city of Cincinnati has faced radically.

The local council has determined that the sharing systems, those public rental fleets, will not be able to operate between six in the afternoon and six in the morning. The reason? According to the council, they seek to reduce the accident rate and also the use of these electric scooters in criminal activities, such as drug trafficking.

The statistics do not give many reasons for this strange decision that for the moment will only affect rental scooters.

And it is that according to the data collected in the last year in the city, the rate of accidents of different considerations has barely reached 0.02% of the trips registered by the authorities.

But apparently, the decision is also made due to complaints from residents who are tired of suffering from the misuse of these vehicles by a minority, which invade sidewalks or pedestrian areas. Therefore, decisions have been made such as prohibiting the use of certain areas, such as sidewalks or recreational parks, as well as inside car parks, in addition to limiting the maximum speed to between 16 and 34 km/h depending on the area.

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