This Tesla Model S has 310K miles on its original battery

Many people wonder how long the battery of an electric car lasts, and if it needs to be changed every four years. The reality is that the answer is not easy, since it depends a lot on the model and the treatment given to said battery. But the normal thing is that it lasts a good number of miles, reaching cases such as a taxi from Canada, which in 9 years has already accumulated half a million kilometers with its original battery, and with hardly any degradation.

This is a 2016 Tesla Model S 90D, which after almost a decade working as a taxi for the Current Taxi company, remains in very good shape, and as its owner has indicated, after 310K miles, using mainly the Superchargers As a charging source, it keeps its battery with just 12% degradation.

Without a doubt, this purchase has been a good investment for this taxi company, since the car has barely had to go through the workshop beyond routine checks. It has not had any major repairs in nine years, and like all models of that era, it has unlimited and free access to the Supercharger network.

If you have had to go to the workshop to do some minor operations, and after 260K miles, they replaced the brakes, coil suspension, shock absorbers, air conditioning condenser, and fan. Some other less common parts were also replaced, including the door handles, trunk lock, and some front and rear suspension parts. Most of them are covered by the robust 8-year unlimited mileage warranty of these units.

Tesla Model S

It is not the Model S with the most miles in this company’s taxi fleet, and they also have a unit from a previous year, which did cause some problems. A model with 434K miles, which at 198K miles they had to change the battery. Also covered by warranty.

Examples show us that the useful life of electric cars is much longer than many think and that there is no need to change, except unforeseen, the battery for many miles, and many years.

A factor to take into account when making the calculations of whether or not it is profitable to leap electric mobility, which in the case of this taxi company has been a round decision from an economic point of view.

Lynda Reeder

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