Top 10 mini SUVs for 2022: Small & Practical

Lots of space – and yet not too long and too wide for urban parking spaces. High seating position – but not immediately a monster truck. Chic to look at and practical – the wallet is not emptied to the last cent. Sounds like a dream? But it is not! Mini-SUVs shine with these advantages and properties. In this comparison, you will find out which 10 mini SUV models are particularly good!

VW T-Cross, Seat Arona and Skoda Kamiq

VW T-Cross

Three models in one go! Logically, because the VW T-Cross, Seat Arona, and Skoda Kamiq, are based on the same (and not the same) platform, all three build on the modular transverse matrix – also known as the MQB platform. But that doesn’t mean the choice doesn’t matter in the end. Each model from the VW Group has its advantages – and disadvantages.

Well, with all three, buyers get a comfortable, elevated entry with small car dimensions. And the space available in all three is quite generous for a mini SUV. Yes, they all have the same infotainment. In terms of design, however, there are clear differences: while the Kamiq puts on a serious look and has trimmed his mustache, the Arona has sportiness to offer, while the T-Cross wears a timeless dress.

Seat sells the Arona with a sporty claim, which the mini- SUV also fulfills: it is the lightest of the three siblings and is the fastest from 0 to 100 km/h. At Skoda, on the other hand, more value is placed on driving comfort, because with the Kamiq, unpleasant bumps don’t immediately get to your bones. The T-Cross from VW is the trendiest of them all, which is due to the flashy colors that are in the repertoire. The 455-liter trunk, which makes the T-Cross a practical vehicle, is also extremely passable. However, it is less edifying that the T-Cross, the Arona, and the Kamiq are only available from the second equipment line with standard air conditioning. Some of the competition can do that better.

  • Diesel engines only on the Skoda Kamiq
  • Air conditioning on all only from the second equipment series
  • Practical features such as a luggage net are available
Dacia Spring

Dacia Spring

That Dacia would create such hype with the new Dacia Spring is no surprise. The fact that the spring is so through the roof, is even more so. He has what it takes to be a mass-produced electric car. Purely electric driving, an affordable purchase price thanks to the electric car premium – and then a mini SUV too ?! Both electric and SUV are trendy, so why not combine both and create an attractive symbiosis?

For the around 11,000 euros that have to be put on the table, customers get a lot of plastic in the interior, but honest and tried-and-tested Renault technology and a reasonable range of 230 kilometers with one charge. The Spring benefits from its low weight of less than a ton. The 45-hp engine doesn’t make your heart race, but it’s perfectly adequate in an urban environment. At the front, inmates are allowed to stretch their limbs in a relaxed manner, while at the back it gets a little narrower.

  • Sufficiently motorized
  • Fast charging in under an hour
  • Chic design
Ford Puma

Ford Puma

Now comes the cat of prey among the mini-SUVs: the Ford Puma catches customers with its sharp-edged claws and does a lot of things right. However, the Puma is not all that sharp-edged; the Ford engineers have made a special effort in designing the car to make it both rounded and sporty. The lifted crossover mini SUV coupe could be slurred by saying it’s a lifted Ford Fiesta, but apart from the base, the two cars don’t look much alike!

Depending on the trim level, the Puma is available with a fully digital instrument cluster. Otherwise, the workmanship in the interior is at a high level. Even in the rear, people of average height shouldn’t have any problems, since long-legged people might have a little more difficulty. The tub with a drain under the floor of the trunk proves to be particularly practical, as it can also be used to store dirty goods without turning the trunk into the scene of a mud fight.

  • Available in cool colors
  • Also available as a mild hybrid variant
  • Subtly Porsche-based look
Renault Captur

Renault Captur

“Capture the Moment” – capture the moment. So: In our case, it’s more like “Capture the Capture”, because we want to record what the Renault Captur has to offer. For a mini SUV, the Captur has plenty of space. The foldable and sliding rear seat is particularly practical, which offers more space either for the trunk or for the passengers in the back.

A real eye-catcher is also hidden inside the car: A large 9.3-inch display with a touch function is the central point of contact for all sorts of controls in the Captur. However, owners of the car can still operate the air conditioning with rotary control. Unfortunately, the operation of the infotainment system is more fiddly than it actually could be and sometimes distracts a little too much from what is happening on the road. Otherwise, the Captur shines with good material selection and processing.

  • Free-floating center console
  • Individual color selection is possible in the interior
  • Good safety equipment (but often subject to a surcharge)
Hyundai Kona

Hyundai Kona and Kia Stonic

Siblings again! Die-hard car connoisseurs should know that the two South Korean automakers are reaping the fruits of their labor together, as Kia is owned by Hyundai. However, their relationship is not quite so obvious, because the designers have put a lot of effort into designing the cars individually in their way.

Especially Kia with the German designer Peter Schreyer relies heavily on the relatively narrow radiator grille, which is slightly wider on the left and right. Hyundai, on the other hand, has a big mouth and lets the grill decorate almost the entire front. The design of Hyundai’s core brand looks more futuristic, while Kia feels more down-to-earth.

From a technical point of view, both are of course state-of-the-art: Large central displays with befitting mobile phone connectivity and tried-and-tested engines await customers. And since we’re talking about the mini-SUVs: If you want it “small”, just take the Kia Stonic, because it’s a whole 3 cm shorter than the Kona. For friends of the electric drive, the Koreans also have the Hyundai Kona Electric ready.

  • Young cars
  • With Kia, a full 7-year new car guarantee
  • Very tidy dashboard
Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki Ignis

Wide wheel arches, but still a tiny one. Appearances are sometimes deceptive – the  Suzuki Ignis looks pretty thick on the outside, but with its 3.7 meters in length it ranks more at the level of a small car. Big mouth, but nothing behind it? Hardly, because the Ignis has a lot to offer despite its size. First and foremost, of course, it is the ideal city SUV, because finding a parking space should be easier with a small car.

A sliding rear seat allows vehicle owners to give their luggage or the rear seat more space. In general, due to its short overhangs, the Ignis offers more space in the driver’s cabin than one would initially expect. All this is topped by the optional all-wheel drive. When it comes to the engine, however, you have to accept losses: with 90 hp, the car is motorized appropriately, but with a little pressure on the accelerator pedal, it quickly becomes a drunkard.

  • Clever interior concept
  • Good, optional safety package 
  • Drink-proof engine
Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke

Compact, practical – and above all extraordinary. This is the Nissan Juke. The second generation no longer polarizes as much as the first of its kind did, but you still stand out. The rear is where you benefit most from the new model because it has grown and the extra wheelbase is reflected in more legroom on the back seat. A longer wheelbase is also an advantage in terms of driving comfort, and less weight and greater rigidity also contribute to better driving dynamics.

If you want it compact, you have to be satisfied with a fairly unspectacular trunk volume. 422 liters can be loaded at the back, the rear seat can be folded 40:60.

If you would like to have a reversing camera – even if the Juke is not a giant – you can have it, but you have to pay extra. Otherwise, Nissan hasn’t cut corners when it comes to safety, and many things are already installed as standard.

  • Comfortable seats
  • Safety is a top priority
  • Little noise influences inside
Hyundai Bayon

Hyundai Bayon

The Bayon is still fairly new to the Hyundai family. And just because he’s small doesn’t mean he’s inconspicuous. It has a modern and rounded design – and it has some qualities. It is easy to use, the infotainment is modern and the Bayon is a good choice, especially for minimalists.

If you want a diesel, electric, or four-wheel drive, then you’ve come to the wrong place – minimalist. If you want to save a little and still want good quality, you won’t go wrong with the Bayon. The space is also impressive, although the Bayon is otherwise very compact and can also be used in city traffic.

  • Compact but good space conditions
  • Fair price
  • Five-year guarantee
Ford EcoSport

Ford EcoSport

Away from the micro-SUVs and back to the mini-SUVs: The Ford EcoSport is longer than a Suzuki Ignis, but still suitable for the city. Admittedly, the Ford Puma stole the show from the EcoSport. In contrast to the Puma, the interior lacks a bit of processing quality and the suspension is a bit too sporty. But the Ecosport is still a good car.

The top petrol engine with 140 hp shows extremely brisk driving performance with not too high consumption. If there are more than two passengers on board, there is enough space in the back seat. Anyone who likes customization is well served with the EcoSport because you can order it with a two-tone paint finish. And even if the back of the EcoSport looks pretty cut off, the trunk holds a decent 321 liters of luggage. There you go, Ford EcoSport!

  • Good 140 hp engine
  • Neat space
  • Lots of plastic in the interior
Opel Crossland

Opel Crossland

Opel also offers a small mini SUV. The 4.21-meter-long Opel Crossland shines with a sliding rear seat, which provides either more legroom or more trunk space – very practical for an SUV with otherwise very compact dimensions. You can make yourself very comfortable in Crossland. The seats are comfortable, and the highly recommended health seats are even more so.

When driving, you shouldn’t expect any sports car qualities, but solid driving dynamics with good safety equipment and a pleasantly taut set-up.

  • Movable rear seat
  • Comfortable interior
  • Good space

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