Total Energies is building 1,100 fast chargers for the German network

Total Energies was awarded the contract for 1,100 HPC fast charging points as part of the tender for the so-called Germany network. The former oil company, which became known for the Total gas stations, is to take over the installation and operation of the charging stations.

The individual charging points with up to 200 kW charging power are grouped into “charging hubs” that are being set up at 134 locations in eastern, central, and western Germany. The electricity comes exclusively from renewable energy sources.

With the tender, Volker Wissing’s Federal Ministry of Transport (BMDV) wants to build a nationwide fast-charging network with around 8,000 additional high-performance charging points at around 900 locations throughout Germany. The focus of the tender was on closing white spots: The chargers should preferably be built in areas where there are currently no fast charging points or where the existing points are not sufficient to cover the expected demand.

With a total of three “regional lots”, the company won the maximum number of lots in the tender. In this context, TotalEnergies will build 1,100 high-performance charging points in rural and urban areas. There are a total of 23 lots in six regions. In addition to TotalEnergies, Allego, Eon, BayWa, Fastned, and others each received a partial contract for the German network. 

Total Energies charger

According to Wissing, the German network sets a milestone, “which ensures that users have a reliably available range of fast charging options in Germany. With the German network, we are meaningfully and purposefully supplementing the expansion activities of the charging infrastructure operators. Simple fast charging without gaps on the charging map becomes the Reality.”

TotalEnergies, previously primarily a gas station provider under the name Total, wants to operate at least 1,000 HPC hubs in Europe by 2028. In June, the company was awarded the contract to install and operate 500 public charging points (11 kW) in Berlin. To date, TotalEnergies has installed around 4,500 charging points nationwide.

The company also develops charging infrastructure projects at publicly accessible partner locations. TotalEnergies not only takes care of the investment but also the entire process – from the conception through the structural implementation to the operation and maintenance of the charging infrastructure.

To provide electric car drivers with an optimal charging experience, TotalEnergies equips its charging hubs with sanitary facilities and catering facilities. According to TotalEnergies, payments can be made using all established payment functions, including an ad hoc option via a payment terminal.

TotalEnergies has 48,000 charging points worldwide. The company also set up 300 fast charging stations along highways and at traffic junctions. As mentioned, there should be a thousand locations in Europe by 2028.

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