Toyota and Subaru will launch three electric cars

Toyota and Subaru have already joined forces to develop the bZ4X and the Solterra. Which, by the way, neither of the two has turned out particularly well, nor has it had a notable performance on a commercial level.  Subaru knows that there is a  ‘huge risk’ in dedicating itself to manufacturing electric cars independently, and they have pointed it out that way. For this reason, they have once again decided to ally the development of three more new electric cars. At the moment, Toyota has not launched a single electric car alone and has even turned to the giant BYD to use its components.

Atsushi Osaki, CEO of Subaru, pointed out this Monday that  ‘there is an enormous risk for us if we go alone in this field.’  The Japanese brand has managed, in the last fiscal year,  to increase its operating profits by 75%. But they know that ‘at the moment it is difficult to predict how things will go with electric cars. To date, they have only released the  Subaru Sulterra, and globally they have only sold 14,000 units of which, by the way, 8,872 units were sold in the United States. That represents only 1.6% of its global sales, which reached a volume of 852,000 vehicles in 2023.

Subaru does not take off with electric cars, but it will do so with Toyota

It is well known that  Japanese brands are the furthest behind in their commitment to electric cars. The CEO of Subaru assured that by  2030 they estimate that they will have a  50% sales share of electric cars, around 600,000 units. That would mean increasing its overall sales very significantly and, of course, multiplying its sales of electric cars. Previously, they had planned a 40% quota combining both hybrids and fully electric vehicles for the same date.

Right now Subaru’s plan aims to have four fully electric SUVs, including the already launched Subaru Solterra,  by the end of 2026. That is, three new electric SUVs will be launched in the short term. But they have also assured that four more electric cars will be added by 2028. Therefore, within just four years they want to have a range made up of a total of eight electric cars.

2022 bZ4X

In this new lineup of electric cars,  Toyota will be the protagonist again. And as the Japanese brand has advanced,  three of these new electric vehicles will be developed and manufactured with Toyota. We must not forget that Toyota has a  20% stake in Subaru and that these types of strategic alliances – such as the one that has also been closed with Suzuki – should help reduce the risks of the transition to the electric car for both parties. But, of course, especially for Subaru, which is a much smaller brand globally.

Meanwhile, they are also going to increase their range of hybrid models. Osaki has acknowledged that they have decided to move towards electric cars, but that they consider it important to continue selling internal combustion products at the same time. Regarding their specific plans in the range of hybrid vehicles, they have not given relevant information. But it is evident that, like all other manufacturers, they will continue to rely on hybrids until the demand for electric cars takes off in a truly relevant way on a global level.

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