Toyota Aygo X Prologue: Revealed New Face & Tech

With the Aygo X Prologue, Toyota has presented a new and innovative city car concept that is supposed to be based on the Aygo but is much more modern. We have the pictures of the concept vehicle and all the latest information for you.

With the Aygo X Prologue concept, Toyota wants to follow the classic Aygo, but show all lovers of the entry-level segment that you can also get a stylish and very modern exterior in the small car sector. With the Aygo X, customers should get a bold and self-confident, small car that can fulfill all the wishes of its segment.


Toyota Aygo X Prologue

When the Aygo X should come onto the market has not yet been communicated. Which price the manufacturer will call remains a secret for the time being. The current Aygo starts at just under 11,000 euros. We assume that the Aygo X could start at around 14,000 euros.


Toyota has not yet commented on the engines. The current Aygo has a 72 hp 1.0-liter petrol engine installed, which can be connected to either a manual gearshift or an automatic transmission. We could imagine adding a second engine to the Aygo X, which could be a little more powerful. According to current information, the new Aygo will not be an electric model.

Toyota Aygo X Prologue

Toyota Aygo X Prologue Exterior design

The Aygo was introduced back in 2005 and even then it was considered a youthful, very expressive city car with a touch of playfulness and lots of fun. These qualities are also reflected in the design and that is exactly what the Prologue should do. Also, the new model gets a kick with more character and personality.

Toyota Aygo X Prologue

The gets a stronger design, the pictures show a self-confident and strikingly designed Aygo, which has not lost its playfulness. The Aygo X has larger wheels on the concept pictures, which give the driver a higher angle of view, and at the same time, the Aygo has greater ground clearance.

The new, wedge-shaped roofline together with the large radiator grille gives the Aygo X a sporty image and reveals dynamism. With the integrated roof rack and the rear underrun protection with bike mount signal that you can go anywhere.

Toyota Aygo X Prologue

Of course, the color scheme should also underline the character, precisely because colors arouse emotions. Using a two-tone paint scheme should show how dynamic and modern the Aygo is and, above all, the color Sparkling Chilli Red makes the innovative overall impression perfect.

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