Toyota Aygo X Revealed New Crossover

Brand some are leaving the segment A, that of the smaller city cars, delivering that cake to electric. But Toyota believes in its Aygo and maintains the offer of this segment, although suitably renewed.

Toyota Aygo X is related to Yaris

Starting with the name. Now it will be called Aygo X (pronounced Cross), following the wake marked by the Yaris … with which it has something more to do than the name. They share a platform, the GA-B, so little Aygo isn’t that small.

The new Aygo X is bigger and has a more assertive presence. Toyota

It has grown quite a bit, 23.5 centimeters to 3.7 meters, but where it will be most noticeable will be in the trunk, which accumulates 60 more liters to now reaching 231. The Aygo X is also taller (+5 cm ), wide (+12.5), and has a nine-centimeter more wheelbase. Despite the notable stretch, it is still 24 centimeters smaller than the Yaris.

Toyota Aygo X

A design that impacts

In addition to its larger size and crossover silhouette, the Aygo X will bring design as a core value. The production model – which will hit the roads in spring – has remained quite faithful to the Aygo X Prologue prototype, but now with its definitive features.

Undoubtedly the most striking thing is Toyota’s new interpretation of the two-tone paint concept, which will be standard on all Aygo X models, and which in this car affects the rear, as well as the roof, with a very original final effect ( the one in the photos is a special launch series that adds a third color, tangerine).

Toyota Aygo X

The interior also changes, with a striking center screen framed in an oval. Toyota

Also striking are its large wheels (17 and 18 inches) that give it a powerful presence in coordination with the greater ground clearance (11 millimeters more than in previous Aygo) and the design of its bumpers adopt features typical of SUVs.

The interior is also newly minted, from the unseen (the driving position is 55mm higher ) to the obvious, such as the new dashboard with an oval center console (which is also within reach of the passenger), with displays ranging from 7 to 9 inches.

Toyota Aygo X

Same engine, new gear

The mechanical section has less news, but there are also some. The Aygo X engine does not change, it is still the 1.0 three-cylinder with 72 horsepower, but with some tweaks in the power that allow it to lower consumption.

The two-tone body looks more than striking. Toyota

And more if it is associated with the new S-CVT gearbox, which will be the automated option of the Aygo X. This transmission is more compact and lighter (15 kilos) than that of the Yaris and that allows to further fine-tune the consumption until reaching the figure of 4.7 liters with which the small Toyota competes in efficiency even with rivals with micro hybridization.

Toyota Aygo X interior
Toyota Aygo X interior

Toyota, in principle, does not contemplate electrified systems for the Aygo X, but neither does it rule them out for the future. The Japanese brand conceives this car as a necessary complement while electromobility solves all its weaknesses. When asked about a possible transfer of the Yaris hybrid technology, the answer was clear: “Technically it is possible, but it would change the philosophy of the car so much that we would be facing something different.”

Toyota Safety Sense, standard

In this first approach to the Aygo X, there are still no details on the price (which will remain “in line with the category”, according to those responsible for Toyota in Europe) or in detail about the equipment. But we do know some things.

For example, that the safety systems contained in the Toyota Safety Sense will be standard. Anti-collision systems, assistants, pedestrian and cyclist detectors … will be within the reach of buyers. An electric tarpaulin sunroof and advanced connectivity functions such as wireless connection via Apple or Android or services connected through a mobile app will also be available.

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