Toyota has renewed its cheapest SUV but its rival is better and cheaper

When talking about hybrid cars, the first brand that comes to mind is Toyota. They have always carried the banner of this technology, but today they are no longer the only ones and, in some cases, they are not the best either. In fact, in the specific case of its cheapest SUV, which is the Toyota Yaris Cross, there is a better alternative both in terms of price and performance. The Japanese brand has just presented the new Toyota Yaris Cross 2024, but despite this, this Renault model is still better.

With the new Toyota Yaris Cross 2024, although the model with 116 HP will continue to be sold, the brand has finally reacted and has introduced a new version into the range that has 132 HP of maximum power. It’s about time because the model’s direct rivals offer much more than what this reduced SUV with hybrid engines offers. Of course, prepare your pocket because the least powerful version of the model, and before the restyling, already costs 24,925 euros at least. And surely when the restyling arrives it will be more expensive and, in addition, this 132 HP version will have an even higher price than the entry-level versions of the range.

Compared to the 4.18 meters measured by a Toyota Yaris Cross, with a trunk capacity of 390 liters, in the French brand’s catalog, we have the Renault Captur hybrid SUV with a body of 4.22 meters in length. Come on, it is a little bigger and has better rear seats, although it is true that the Renault model falls somewhat short with its 305-liter trunk. Now, if the trunk is not what worries us the most, it is certainly a better purchasing option.

Toyota Yaris Cross

Especially since right now, the Toyota Yaris Cross can only be purchased with 116 HP of maximum power, until the new 132 HP version arrives, and despite its reduced power it already costs from 24,925 euros. And yet, the Renault Captur hybrid, which has a 1.6 E-Tech engine with 145 HP maximum power and comes standard with better equipment, has a price that is slightly below 23,700 euros. About a 1,200 euros difference in favor of the French model which, in terms of power, is certainly far superior.

But the Renault Captur also has another advantage over the Toyota Yaris Cross, and that is that a plug-in hybrid version is also available in its range. For those who can dig deeper into their pockets, it is an even better purchase option. In terms of performance, it is similar, because it develops 160 HP of maximum power, which is not a big difference compared to the 145 HP of the plug-in hybrid version. Now, it uses much less gasoline, can almost always be used in electric mode, and also has a Zero label from the DGT.

The newly released Toyota Yaris Cross is more expensive with much less power, not even with a restyling it has been able to live up to what the Renault Captur hybrid offers, it comes with fairer equipment and, if all this were little, it does not have a plug-in hybrid version. So, except for the trunk, which is where the Yaris Cross is superior to the Renault model, in every way the Frenchman is a much more recommendable model and it will be somewhat cheaper.

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