Toyota is the richest car company in the world

There are 15 richest car brands in the world. Among them are some like Tesla or Mercedes-Benz, although the list continues to be headed by Toyota thanks to its range of hybrid cars.

Interbrand has just released its annual report on the richest and most profitable brands over the last 12 months. In the Top 100 of these companies, there are a total of 15 automobile brands, where almost all of them offer alternatives with hybrid or 100% electric mechanics. 

In the illustrative graphic published by Interbrand, you can see how brands such as Apple or Microsoft hold the top positions on this particular list. However, you don’t have to go very far in the ranking to find the first car company,  Toyota, which is ranked number 6, ahead of brands like Coca-Cola. The Japanese firm is once again presented as the most valuable car brand in the world, with a value of more than $59 billion and an increase of 10% in its price compared to the past 2021. 

In the personal graph of the company, it can be seen how its profits and benefits have increased remarkably in recent years, except in the year 2020 when they fell to values ​​​​of almost the year 2017. However, Toyota is expected to continue its rise as soon as it goes fully into pure electric mobility. Today, its hybrid cars have a huge number of sales around the world. 

The next brand in this particular ranking is Mercedes-Benz, which holds step number 8 in the world ranking. The German premium company has a brand value of more than $56 billion dollars and a growth of 10% over the past 2021. Currently, the star company is investing in providing its range of fully electric alternatives, as well as in state-of-the-art technology in all aspects. Its historical competitors, such as BMW or Audi, are a few places further back. 

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In the third position of the richest automobile brands in the world is Tesla, which is presented as the automobile company that has grown the most. The North American company obtains position number 12 in the table and thus overtakes BMW, which is one step below. According to what Elon Musk himself recently admitted, the electric car brand could reach a valuation above Apple and Aramco together. 

Mercedes AMG EQE SUV

As we have already anticipated, the fourth position of automobile brands, and 13th in the general calculation, is for BMW. The German firm, despite its growth of 11% compared to 2021, drops a step due to the enormous growth of Tesla. BMW is currently increasing its range of electric models and hopes to present a range of “zero emissions” products by the beginning of the next decade. The firm will launch its new “Neue Klasse” platform for electric cars in 2025.

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Finally, you have to go down a few positions further to find the next car company, specifically at number 26 where Honda is located with an increase in profit of 7% compared to 2021. The Japanese firm has suffered some ups and downs in recent years mainly due to the ravages of the pandemic. It currently stands at values ​​close to 2018 thanks to the combination of its automobile, aircraft, motorcycle, and electronic equipment divisions.

However, the list continues with other brands such as Hyundai (position 35), Audi (46), Volkswagen (48), Ford (50), Porsche (53), Nissan (61), Ferrari (75), KIA (87), Land Rover (98) and MINI (99). Practically all of these companies (except Ferrari and Land Rover, for now) have at least one 100% electric alternative in their range of models, although it is true that they all have plans to electrify their fleet for the coming years.

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