Toyota Land Cruiser 2022: First Details & Render

At the wheel of a Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 , you can only smile wearily at the soft crossovers and SUVs in everyday traffic. You sit high, comfortable, and equipped for anything that can happen to you on and off the road. Even in the youngest generation, the Japanese remain a real off-road vehicle without any fabric softener ambitions. The air-conditioned leather seats, numerous assistance systems, and comfort features that ensure plenty of long-distance comforts do nothing to change that.


With a length of 4.84 meters, the Land Cruiser is not a giant, even if it comes across as very massive with its beefy shapes and striking face. Four people with a guard still have plenty of space in the five-door Toyota Land Cruiser 2022. With five or two other people on the two jump seats in the 640-liter trunk, it gets tight. For practical loading and unloading, not only can the rear door be opened to the right, but the glass pane can also be lowered separately. Unlike its international competition, the Land Cruiser is only available with one drive, at least in Europe. The 2.8 liters large four-cylinder common rail diesel with177 PS (130 kW) and 450 Nm is a rustic fellow who goes well with the calm character of the 2.3-ton four-wheel drive.

The Land Cruiser 2022 is and will remain an off-road legend

It goes to 100 km / h in 12.7 seconds, with a maximum of 175 km / h. The six-speed automatic delivers a solid performance, although there are certain wishes for a more modern converter in brisk driving. The standard consumption: an economical 7.8 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. Especially off-road, the Land Cruiser remains in a class of its own with its ladder frame, electronic damper control, and air suspension. In addition to the all-wheel-drive with variable load distribution and the six-speed automatic transmission, the Land Cruiser is equipped with a Torsen rear axle differential. The Multi-Terrain Select System and the various driving programs also ensure high off-road capability. A so-called crawl function enables a particularly slow driving, the dynamic chassis control KDSS may also hydraulically decouple the stabilizers and the axle articulation enlarge.

The infotainment with navigation, sound module, and various controls via the centrally positioned touchscreen is a bit old and not on the level of the international competition. This applies to the operation in general. The operating functions are adjusted outside of the touchscreen with simple rotary controls and buttons. For 60,430 dolars , the Land Cruiser with executive equipment offers, among other things, keyless entry, electric, air-conditioned leather seats, JBL sound system, dynamic chassis control, and various driver assistance systems.

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