Toyota Mirai sets Guinness record for hydrogen cars traveling 1,360 km

The race to power the hydrogen car is on, and Toyota takes the lead. The Japanese brand has managed to register its Toyota Mirai in the Guinness World Records, as the electric car with a fuel cell that manages to travel the longest distance without stopping to refuel.

The total number of kilometers traveled by the Toyota Mirai was 1,360, in a round trip on the roads of Southern California made on 23 and 24 August. The official notary to validate the test validated and sealed the Mirai tank after its initial refueling, for which less than five minutes are needed in a hydrogeneration. The entire test procedure was carried out following the Guinness World Records rules, to validate the measurement.

The person in charge of getting behind the wheel of the Mirai was the professional long-distance driver Wayne Gerdes, co-piloted by Bob Winger. To achieve the spectacular record, they practiced the keys to efficient driving, such as avoiding acceleration and braking and driving at a constant speed. In this case, they also dispensed with the use of air conditioning, to minimize the consumption of auxiliary accessories.

The Mirai driving mode selector ECO program also helped, as well as the predictive efficient driving system. In this Toyota Mirai test, you can learn more details about the car.

Toyota Mirai

Almost 1,400 kilometers with 5.65 kg of hydrogen

According to Toyota, the average consumption of the Mirai recorded during the journey was the equivalent of 64.6 kilometers for each liter of fuel, which is equivalent to 1.5 l / 100 km. Throughout the journey, like any hydrogen car, the only exhaust emissions were water vapor. Toyota calculates that a car with an internal combustion engine would have emitted around 300 kilograms of carbon dioxide to cover that same distance.

Toyota Mirai

If we transfer that measurement of consumption to hydrogen, the Mirai consumed a total of 5.65 kilograms of hydrogen in a journey in which 12 hydro generators were left behind in which a user during a trip with his hydrogen car would have been able to stop to refuel.

Hyundai recently broke the world record for the distance traveled by a hydrogen car with the NEXO for the second time, albeit without following the protocol set by the Guinness World Record. In May 2021 Hyundai’s SUV traveled 887.5 km, beating its record set in 2019 with 778 km. The total consumption during the test was 6.27 kg of hydrogen.

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