Toyota recalls 96,000 Corolla Cross in the United States

Toyota is voluntarily recalling 96,000 Corolla Cross in the United States and 13,806 in Canada for an airbag-related issue. The manufacturer Toyota announced through its website that it was recalling certain SUVs of the Toyota Corolla Cross model. According to the release, this is a safety non-compliance recall for certain model year 2022-2023 Toyota Corolla Cross (non-hybrid) sold in North America. According to the manufacturer, approximately 96,000 vehicles are affected by this recall in the United States.

Toyota Canada announced in a press release that 13,806 vehicles are affected by this recall in Canada. Based on available information, the front passenger airbag in affected vehicles may not deploy properly during an impact. A manufacturing problem in the part of the dashboard where the airbag is located would be at fault. As a result, vehicles may not meet certain federal requirements, increasing the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

For all affected vehicles, Toyota dealerships will inspect and, if necessary, replace the defective part free of charge. Until the affected vehicles are inspected, and corrective action is taken, if necessary, Toyota recommends that you do not sit in the passenger seat.

Owners of affected vehicles will be notified by the end of July 2023; the manufacturer could not confirm whether any incidents had been noted in connection with the recall. For information about safety recalls affecting Toyota and Lexus vehicles, and to check if your vehicle is subject to a recall, customers can visit or Just enter your vehicle identification number (VIN).

Toyota Corolla Cross

Introduced in 2021, the Toyota Cross serves as the brand’s entry-level SUV. The 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross offers only one engine, a 2-liter 4-cylinder that develops 169 horsepower and produces 151 lb-ft of torque. For 2023, we note the arrival of a hybrid version. The model retails for a base price of $28,694.

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