Toyota shows a preview of its electric sports car concept

The Japanese manufacturer has confirmed its presentation date, as well as that it will be one of the main sports options in the electric field in the future.

First, there was the Toyota GT-86, then the Toyota Supra, and later the GR Yaris and GR86, the latter as a replacement for the former. The latest sports cars that the Japanese firm has launched on the market under its GR division have convinced the most critics and purists, but times move on and the Japanese have to also electrify their most passionate range. And that is precisely what the latest of its advances shows.

Marked by a striking yellow paint that highlights an already aggressive body, the Toyota FT-Se is responsible for advancing the idea of ​​the brand’s first electrified sports car,  just as happened with the FT 1 and FT86, which more They later became the production Supra and GT-86.

At the moment, there have only been two images that we have seen about the new model and both confirm that it is the sports car that it presented some time ago as part of the wave of conceptual models with which the brand intended to make it clear that it was also immersed in the development of 100% electric cars (although many of them are turning out to be hybrids).

 In the first of the images (the one that heads this article), we can partially see the driving position through the side window, as well as the access door to the passenger compartment and part of the profile of the sports car, while the second ( below these lines) shows very clearly what the rear of this peculiar sports car will be like.

Toyota FT-Se

Regarding the FT-Se, the brand has stated that it will be “one of the options for sports cars in the era of carbon neutrality.” By design,  it can be expected that it will be an electric sports car, although it should not be ruled out that it ends up being a hybrid sports car.

On the other hand, he has made it clear that he will apply the experience that Gazoo Racing has acquired in competition in recent years to the model, as it has done with the GR Yaris, GR Supra, and GR-86. In other words, we are looking at a model that will surely end up carrying the surname of its sports line.

The Japanese manufacturer has confirmed that the FT-Se will be unveiled in its entirety on the occasion of the Japan Mobility Show, one of the most important exhibitions for the remainder of the year in terms of motors and mobility. It will be held between October 26 and November 5.

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