US open to lifting ban on European electric cars

The US Inflation Reduction Act has yet to be changed in this regard, although current President Joe Biden is open to such a fact. This was mentioned by Biden himself in a meeting that took place between him and the French president, Emmanuel Macron, a few hours ago. The rapprochement by both parties seems to have come to fruition and Macron, personally, would have called it “very promising”.

The so-called Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has been a cause of concern for US allies in recent months. This legislation proposes important incentives for the acquisition of electric cars that have been entirely manufactured in the North American country, which results in poor prospects for models manufactured in Europe and exported to the North American country. However, this could change sooner rather than later.

Emmanuel Macron recently met with Joe Biden at the North American offices. The French president confirmed that, once the meeting had ended, the two had “an excellent discussion about the IRA and the recent laws adopted by the US administration. ” Although the European president did not go into details, he assured that “we agreed to synchronize our approaches, our agendas to invest in critical emerging industries (semiconductors, batteries, hydrogen…), everything that is decisive for the future because We share the same vision and the same will”.

During the intervention with the press, in the question session, Macron described this law as “super aggressive” with European companies. Joe Biden, for his part, stated that he does not apologize for his integration, however, he pointed out that “when you write huge legislation, obviously there will be flaws in it, and the almost mandatory need to reconcile changes.” The US president emphasized his position in favor of resolving this problem and modifying certain of its parameters: “there are adjustments we can make to facilitate the participation of European countries”.

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“This law was never intended to exclude people who are cooperating with us. We will continue to create jobs in the US industry, but not at the expense of Europe,” Biden said. For his part, Macron reaffirmed his negotiating position to this end and the fervent need to “resynchronize and find a new policy to clarify our objectives and continue together. “

To this end, a so-called Working Group has already been created in the United States that will seek to unite ties between both administrations (the United States and Europe), especially in terms of clean energy and climate benefits through “mutually beneficial” measures.


From the aforementioned Working Group, they would have described the Inflation Reduction Law as “unfair”, since it would go against the rules of the World Trade Organization, exclusively benefiting electric vehicles and batteries manufactured in North America.

Likewise, Europe is not the only region allied with the United States that would seek to obtain improvements in the field of incentives for the purchase of its vehicles. Japan and South Korea also hope to start negotiations for this purpose, since models as promising as the IONIQ 5, the Subaru Solterra, or the Toyota bZ4X could not obtain such benefits. Japanese brands already place this condition as “disadvantageous” concerning models manufactured in North America.

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