Volkswagen announces a cheap electric car for under 25,000 euros

Volkswagen has confirmed the launch of a cheap electric car whose starting price will be below the barrier of 25,000 euros. A model called to play a leading role and revolutionize the emerging market of electric mobility in Europe.

The process of switching to the electric car that has been launched in Europe cannot exclude lower and middle-class families. The era of fully electric mobility must be affordable or, on the contrary, we will be leaving hundreds of millions of citizens of the Old Continent behind. Volkswagen, one of the giants of the European automotive industry, is determined to become a benchmark in the emerging market for cheap electric cars.

It is well known that Volkswagen is working flat out on the development of a new range of small electric cars. Some models will stand out, among other things, for their sale price. However, in recent times there have been a lot of controversies precisely with the price that these future models will have. Some rumors that the top leader of the German car brand has proposed to eliminate with a stroke of the pen.

Volkswagen’s cheap electric car

Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen, has taken advantage of the fact that he has been in office for more than 100 days to carry out a complete analysis not only of the current situation of the automobile sector but also of the future to which the company is heading. Volkswagen’s new leader has had time to clear up some doubts about the new small electric cars that are on the way.

These new models, which will supposedly be called Volkswagen ID.1 and Volkswagen ID.2, should be ready to storm European dealerships sometime in 2025. That is, these are not long-term projects. When we want to realize it, the prototypes will be sighted circulating on the roads, and shortly after they will be officially presented.

Volkswagen ID3
Volkswagen ID.3

Schäfer has promised that Volkswagen will have the widest range of electric cars on the market. A promise that contrasts with the decision to reduce supply in the coming years as the electric vehicle gains prominence. Among the clues, he has given about the ID.1 and ID.2 futures is the issue of price. Will they finally cost less than 25,000 euros? Let us remember that it was the promise made at the time by Schäfer’s predecessor in office.

Volkswagen promises an electric car for less than 25,000 euros

“Volkswagen will have the widest electric range in the automotive industry. From the basic electric car with a target price of fewer than 25,000 euros to the ID. Buzz and the new flagship ID. Aero, we will have the right offer in each segment.” Precisely the key is to talk about a target price. It is the goal proposed by the German company. However, Schäfer does not close the door to the fact that, for whatever reason, the final model cannot deliver on the promise.

“By the way, we will bring the small electric car to our customers in two versions: as a small car and as a sporty crossover variant,” he added. The model with a Hatchback body type (5 Doors) will be ID.1, while ID.2 will be the SUV-type alternative. The ID.1 will be manufactured by SEAT in Martorell.

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