Volkswagen has already sold 500,000 units of its ID electric range

Since the start of ID.3 deliveries in October 2020, Volkswagen has sold half a million units of its ID electric range. all over the world. The German firm wanted to highlight that this milestone has been achieved a year ahead of schedule despite the numerous difficulties that the industry has gone through in the last two years; namely: a global pandemic, the problems in the supply of semiconductors, the current energy crisis…

The ID family is made up of five models: the ID.3 compact, the ID.4 midsize SUV and its ID.5 “coupé” version, the ID.6 executive SUV (sold exclusively in China), and the ID van. Buzz. Despite its youth, Volkswagen is already working on a remodeling of this lineup, including certain modifications to its nomenclature system.

Everything indicates that, from now on, a number will be used to identify the size of the car and the letter X in case it is an SUV. This could bring some changes, see the transformation of ID.4 into the ID.4 X and ID.5 into the ID.4 Coupé. Of course, future members of the ID. will use the new system from the beginning.

Volkswagen’s next electric launch will be the ID.AERO, a mid-size saloon scheduled for the year 2023. Its final trade name is still unclear, which could be ID.6 (which would force the ID.6 SUV to be renamed as ID.6 X) or ID.7. It is also possible to opt for ID.5.

Volkswagen ID Buzz

Volkswagen will launch 10 new electric models until 2026

Between 2024 and 2025, the ID.2 utility, the ID.2 X urban SUV, and the ID.3 X compact SUV will be added, which will reinforce the brand’s access offer. In 2026 it will be the turn of the ID.4, a compact saloon approximately 4.60 meters long that will coexist with the SUV ID.4 X. This model, which is being developed under the umbrella of the Trinity project, will be of vital importance to the company.

And it is that the ID.4 sedan will be in charge of releasing the SSP platform, a highly flexible architecture with an 800-volt electrical system. It will also incorporate the VW.OS 2.0 operating system, as well as an advanced semi-autonomous driving system. Its production method will be revolutionary because, in addition to using large castings in its structure, all its hardware will be standardized: customers will only be able to choose color, wheels, and battery capacity. The rest of the equipment will be activated through software updates, making the manufacturing process much easier.

Volkswagen ID 5

Imelda Labbé, a member of the Volkswagen Board responsible for Sales, Marketing, and After Sales, has celebrated the good progress of the ID range. “Half a million IDs. delivered shows that Volkswagen models are well received by our customers around the world. We are on the right track and continue our success story.

Our focus is and remains that Volkswagen becomes the most desirable brand for sustainable mobility. We are doing our best to deliver approximately 135,000 IDs. to our customers as quickly as possible. However, the still tense situation in the supply of parts repeatedly leads to adjustments in production.”

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