Volkswagen ID.2all is attractive, capable and affordable

Once the long-awaited Volkswagen ID.2all has been presented, now it's time to wait for an even more affordable electric model: the Volkswagen ID.1.

The last day was marked by the presentation of what will be the company’s future electric bestseller, the Volkswagen ID.2all. This zero-emission utility has the main objective of starting its commercialization in the year 2025 or 2026 for a starting price of around 25,000 euros. Its characteristics are clear: the size of a Polo, but the interior space of a Golf. Such has been the commotion that it has caused in the last hours that the CEO of Volkswagen himself has already left the door open to a model located below this with an even more affordable price.

Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen, pointed out the following: “We are also working on a vehicle under 20,000 euros that will be even more challenging. It is part of our DNA and Volkswagen also has a commitment that we all have to assume that we are working at full speed. We will report on this in the coming months.”

Although the Volkswagen ID.2 and the Volkswagen ID.1 will have much in common, such as certain mechanical elements or their dimensions, there will be a clear difference between them in terms of design.

Schäfer himself mentions that it will be a very complicated model because its price and positioning will be a challenge for the German company. For its development, manufacture, and subsequent sale, Volkswagen must create synergies and economies at an international level to make it a profitable car. Fortunately, the Volkswagen Group will be strong support in terms of cost sharing, since it will be a concept that other brands of the conglomerate will be able to replicate (Cupra, Skoda…).

Despite the size that the future Volkswagen ID.1 will present, its mechanical technology will be at the expected level for a firm like Volkswagen. Although there are still no concise details in this regard, there have been several managers who have pointed out that it could incorporate a battery of around 57 kWh, which would mean a range of 400 kilometers.

Volkswagen ID.2all

The last purely urban model launched by Volkswagen was the e-Up! This small-sized vehicle had a range of 160 kilometers thanks to the incorporation of its battery with just 18.7 kWh of capacity. The future Volkswagen ID.1 will go one step further and will show a much more advanced and practical electric car for everyday use.

Due to its short dimensions, it is more than likely that its marketing will be limited to the European market and some additional ones where Volkswagen has a strong presence, thus eliminating the North American area from the equation. At the moment, no presentation or commercial start dates are known, so it could point to some time after the launch of the Volkswagen ID.2, that is, 2026. If the CEO of the company is correct, its price starting point could be essential in the sales success of this small electric.

Volkswagen ID.2all

Could be called ‘Polo’

Although the general name of Volkswagen electrics is to use the prefix “ID” followed by a number, in the next generations this could vary. We have already heard the intention to put into circulation a possible ID. Golf, but could the Volkswagen ID.1 be called Polo?

Volkswagen ID.2all

This has been insinuated by Schäfer himself when he specified that its size will be similar to that of a Volkswagen Polo and that this will precisely be the basis for creating the small electric model. Likewise, he has not denied the possibility of calling it the same way due to the pull of it as an already historical nomenclature within the firm: “We still do not know if we will use the same name. We are currently working on those iconic names of the future to make sense of the product line.”

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