Volkswagen will design an electric SUV for Europe

Rumors began years ago about the so-called Volkswagen ID Ruggdzz, an electric SUV based on the Ford Ranger. Now, it comes back to the fore due to its advanced level of development.

Volkswagen seeks to present itself as a 100% electric brand in the coming years. This means that, at the same time, they also want to offer a diverse range of models with a multitude of alternatives. Among them will be an electric SUV that rumors have been calling Volkswagen ID Ruggdzz for more than two years. Now, we know that it is still in development and that it could hit the market sooner than expected.

Before the arrival of the new generation of the Ford Ranger, Volkswagen announced that it would serve as the basis for the future Volkswagen Amarok, but, apparently, also for the aforementioned ID Ruggdzz. Its platform is capable of supporting mechanical diversity, which has led to the resurrection of the “zero emissions” model project.

As published by the Autocar media, the company seeks to create a large and 100% electric model: “We are analyzing it together with Ford. It’s still on the roadmap,” said Carsten Intra, CEO of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, during a recent interview.

However, in the company’s plans, it is dividing its family of SUVs into two. On the one hand, the hitherto known Volkswagen Amarok will remain, while, on the other hand, an all-terrain 4×4 SUV cut and 100% electric will also appear, the Volkswagen ID Ruggdzz. This movement would be very close to the one that Ford itself is already running between the Ranger (pick-up) and the Everest (SUV).

Last 2019, when the company spoke for the first time about the Volkswagen ID Ruggdzz, it clarified that it would serve as a competitor for hypothetical electric versions of the Jeep Wrangler or the Ford Bronco. However, the plans of the Germans changed significantly, since they abandoned the initial idea of ​​establishing it on the MEB platform, which meant a significant slowdown in the stipulated production deadlines (manufacturing was going to start in 2023) along with other electric ones, like the Volkswagen ID Buggy.

Ford Ranger

Rumors state that the Volkswagen ID Ruggdzz could be presented from the year 2026 and that it would arrive on an electrical system powered by a 110 kWh capacity battery. This would be based on the same electric motors that already drive other Volkswagen ID models, although potentially modified and updated.

On the other hand, remember that Volkswagen has planned the relaunch of the Scout brand, in the United States, models that could be stepped on with the electric ones mentioned so far. However, from Scout, they declare themselves a foreign brand, although linked to the Germans for development and financing sections. In addition, it is in talks with Foxtron’s technology division to obtain components, as well as to carry out their manufacture.

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