Volvo EX90 New details of the electric SUV

From Volvo, they wanted to present a new section of the electric EX90. This time it is about the layout of its dashboard, which will have two screens and a “simple and safe” multimedia system.

The trickle of new details that will arrive with the electric Volvo EX90 continues, a model called to replace the current Volvo XC90. The Swedish company they have already published numerous appendices of the model, such as the good qualities of its cabin upholstered with sustainable materials, as well as the high technological dose of safety that it will have. Now, Volvo has once again shown a new preview of its imminent electric SUV, this time it is about the configuration of the dashboard and the capabilities of its multimedia system

The new sample is produced just a few days before its official presentation, which is scheduled for next November 9. However, the brand is expected to re-launch some new detail before the indicated date of its release.

Volvo the EX90 will start from a premise of minimalism in all its sections. The technology of this electric car will be simplified to “ avoid information overload ”. To do this, the company’s engineers have placed great interest in the development of the personal assistant so that “it works”. 

As has already been seen in other models of the company – or even Polestar – the Volvo EX90’s dashboard will show a dual-screen configuration. The first, and smaller in size, will be the one located behind the steering wheel and present the digital instrumentation functions. This will not take the same path as German brands such as Mercedes, Audi, or BMW, where the information displayed in these can become total. In the case of the electric Volvo, it will be just and necessary

In this horizontally positioned panel, the speed at which the vehicle is traveling, the external proximity radar (very Tesla-style), the percentage of charge and battery autonomy, as well as security elements, including the function of autonomous driving. Regarding the latter, the company itself has announced that later the model will update its software to adopt “unsupervised autonomous driving”. 

Volvo EX90 interior

The opposite will happen on the central information and entertainment screen. This will have a vertical format and will show classic sections such as navigation, media (Spotify, radio…), or the submenu of the phone that is connected. However, Volvo also claims that this screen will “display context-based information”. To this, the signature refers to the fact that if the vehicle is circulating, for example, it will show a lower bar with specific and large sections, so that the driver does not have to move his gaze excessively and inquire between menus of the system to get to what you are looking for.

Other examples of this function will be given when the car is parked recharging since it will show some sections dedicated to the user’s entertainment; also if there is a low temperature outside, the main screen will show functions to prevent freezing, etc…

On the other hand, the dashboard design will present a very simplistic image. The new invoice steering wheel will have a synthetic leather and metal finish, and on both side arms, there will be tactile buttons finished in glossy black. A loudspeaker with a striking design will be housed on the central infotainment screen. At the moment the dimensions of the aforementioned screens have not been specified, although everything seems to indicate that, at least the central one, will take a generous diagonal.

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