Volvo is designing an electric car with a radical approach

The Swedish firm is fully involved in the development of its new range of electric cars, but... could a high-performance one arrive? At Volvo, they do not close the door on that possibility.

Volvo is currently in full expansion of its range of all-electric models. The firm’s plans specify that it will be a 100% electric brand before the end of this decade. Just a few days ago they confirmed the arrival of six new electric ones before the close of the year 2026. But what will happen after the year 2026? The electric models with the lowest commercial margin could arrive, as high-performance electric vehicle that serves as a sample of technological capacity for the brand.

Although there is no official confirmation in this regard, Bjorn Annwall himself, Volvo Car’s Director of Operations, confessed in a recent interview conducted by Car Sales, that they do not close the door on the arrival of a model of this type, which is framed as a pinnacle for the company.

The Swedish brand, in general, is not directly associated or linked with sportsmanship in its vehicles, but rather focuses its efforts on practicality, safety, and efficiency. Precisely for this reason, the reaction of the aforementioned manager to the question of Volvo launching a high-performance vehicle soon has been surprising. “Every car brand needs a little bit of flavor that helps push the boundaries of what the car is, and I think Volvo should have those complementary products as well,” Annwall admitted in his speech.

However, the manager did not affirm that Volvo is developing a model of this style, but rather recognized the attractiveness and potential of a vehicle of this cut and did not close the door on this possibility, as long as they have already put their range into circulation. the more practical and logical conception of electrical, that is, after the year 2026.


“As car designers, we always like to do fun things like a coupe or a supercar because it’s fun, it’s always fun. But as a company, you have to manufacture products that people want and have a commercial demand,” said the manager. “But of course anything is possible, I would say. It depends on where the market is going and what the customer wants. In any case, stay tuned,” Annwall concluded in her interview.

Among the electric Volvos that are expected to arrive soon are the long-awaited Volvo EX30, but also the SUV models above it. At the same time, the launch of electric sedans is expected, as an alternative to the better-known Volvo S60 or S90.

As unlikely as it may seem that Volvo is marketing a high-performance vehicle, the truth is that it is not entirely unreasonable. In the Geely Group itself, to which the Swedish firm belongs, there are vehicles of this type, such as those of its sister brand, Polestar and its first model presented a few years ago, the Polestar 1, or even with its future electric convertible, the Polestar. 6.

In any case, we will be attentive to any indication of this type, although, as we have already mentioned, it is more than likely that its arrival will not happen until well into the year 2027, at least.

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