Volvo thinks more affordable version for the EX90 family

The EX90 is set to be one of the most advanced electric SUVs on the market, although it won’t be cheap. To make the range cheaper, Volvo raises access models with less performance and less equipment.

At the beginning of last November, after many months of waiting and advances, the Volvo EX90 was presented to society. The natural substitute for the Volvo XC90 has arrived to be the flagship of the house. A large electric SUV will become a reference for quality, efficiency, and technology. The first data supports it. The only but we will find in the price and open the range to a larger audience, Volvo is already thinking of different versions for the EX90, both access, and sports. This has been indicated by the director of operations and deputy director of Volvo.

At the time of launch, only two versions were reported, both with a dual-engine system and seven seats. The access version, called EX90 Twin Motor, offers 408 horsepower, a lithium-ion battery with 107 kWh of net capacity, and an approved range of 600 kilometers in the WLTP cycle. Above it sits the EX90 Twin Motor Performance. Its two electric motors develop a maximum power of 517 horsepower. With the same battery as the previous model, the approved autonomy drops to 590 kilometers in the WLTP cycle.

Regarding the price, Volvo for the moment has not confirmed the price figures of its outstanding new electric SUV. The first reports point to output figures slightly above 90,000 euros. A very high cost would make it very difficult to access the range. The Performance model will comfortably overcome the barrier of 100,000 euros. Even though they are prices similar to those of their competition, Volvo, knows that they need to offer cheaper rates, there are options for this thanks to the SPA2 platform, as reported by one of the company’s top managers.

Volvo EX90

Through MotorTrendJavier Varela, Volvo’s director of operations and deputy general manager has commented: “it is possible to remove seats with the platform.” He has also noted that the company is discussing the possibility of removing an engine and offering the public a five-seat, rear-wheel-drive Volvo EX90 as an entry-level version. Nor has it closed the door on a higher-performance version of the Performance model, although in that case, the decision is more difficult. Technically it is possible but the investment cost must be analyzed with the possible return on sales. 

It will still take a few months to figure out the convenience of launching these additional versions to those already known. The access model will almost certainly see the light of day, although it will not be soon. Production of the EX90 will start next year in the United States and will be manufactured in China later. The first units are expected to be delivered late next year, with the start of the fall season. The versions already presented will be sold first and later the complementary units will land if they are finally approved.

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