Volvo V90 Cross Country Test Drive and Dimensions

The Volvo V90 Cross Country B4 AWD is a luxury class station wagon in an adventure suit – and has been tested by LatestCarNews since December 2020 over 100,000 kilometers. The long-term tester has now covered around 46,000 kilometers.

The Volvo V90 Cross Country B4 AWD is a successful alternative to the SUV XC90 with all-wheel drive, a rustic look, and a higher body. The Swede started his service as a long-term tester at the end of December 2020 and has now covered almost 46,000 kilometers in the test over 100,000 kilometers (as of January 2022).

The 4.94-meter long station wagon is particularly recommended as a sovereign companion on long journeys because of the generous amount of space, its stylishly furnished interior, and the high level of comfort. With a trailer load of 2.4 tons, a high-torque 197 hp two-liter Biturbo diesel, and all-wheel drive, it also cuts a fine figure as a towing vehicle. However, the ample dimensions and the stately turning circle make handling in parking garages and city centers more difficult.

There are no major complaints in the endurance test logbook for the Volvo V90 Cross Country B4 AWD. Test editor Paul Englert only criticizes the “weakly locked driver’s floor mat, which sometimes detaches from its anchorage in the ground when boarding.” In addition, some colleagues quarreled in the test over 100,000 kilometers with the top speed limited to 180 km/h.

Volvo V90 Cross Country

In addition to the stylish appearance and the interior equipped with fine woods and soft leather, the leather comfort seats (2330 euros) received a lot of praise. Among other things, head of testing Michael Godde notes: “The V90 offers excellent seating comfort thanks to the many adjustment options.” The engine-transmission combination, which has proven to be economical even when towing a trailer, and the mildly hybridized biturbo diesel of the long-term tester also received a lot of approval: ” 


Volvo V90 Cross Country interior

Although the touchscreen operation of the Volvo V90 Cross Country B4 AWD is logical and easy to learn, reading the small pictograms requires concentration. And: “The navigation system simply does not recognize many traffic jams,” tester Elmar Siepen annoys during the test over 100,000 kilometers. Incidentally, Google-based infotainment is now used in the 90 series, which has already convinced other Volvos. 

Volvo V90 Cross Country Price

So far, the Volvo V90 Cross Country B4 AWD, which costs a good 85,000 euros in the test outfit, has run over 100,000 kilometers in the test with no errors except for one electronic failure.


Technology, dimensions & weight
engine4-cyl., 4-vent., biturbo diesel, starter generator
displacement1969 cm3
power145 kW/197 hp at 4000 rpm
Max. Torque420 Nm b. 1750 – 2750 rpm
transmission/drive8-speed auto; all wheel drive
curb weight1909 kg
trunk volume560 – 1526L
Mileage and consumption
top speed180km/h
Consumption per 100 km (WLTP)6.6L D/100km
CO2 emissions (WLTP)172 g CO2/km
basic price€63,700
test car price€85,110

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