VW Amarok 2022: New Teaser & New Details

The Wolfsburg firm released the second official teaser of the second generation of its midsize pickup, with details closer to the production model. Developed in conjunction with Ford but with its imprint and tuning, according to the brand, it would be presented in 2022 and manufactured at the Silverton plant in South Africa.

When the Amarok manufactured by Pacheco has been increasing its market share in the region, Volkswagen is moving forward with the development of the next generation, which, as is well known, is part of the Cyclone Project in conjunction with Ford. Even though both pick-ups will share the chassis and engines, the German brand ensures that its product will maintain its imprint and identity and for this, it published a new teaser in which more details of its design can be seen.

Until now, the Wolfsburg firm had released an image in which although the main lines of the pick-up could be observed, it was a more conceptual sketch, while this last render already shows some characteristics that make it more similar to the production model, although we estimate that before its presentation, the brand could present an identical prototype to the teaser in advance of it. The front sector bears a certain resemblance to the current Amarok, especially in the headlight format, but with a more modern and aggressive look, with a larger grille that connects to the lower part of the bumper, where it shows off a more prominent bumper. in the shape of an X. The air intakes located at the ends give it a feeling of greater width, as do the wheel arches, which are more marked and widened.

In profile, like almost all pick-ups in the segment, its silhouette is quite similar to that of its competitors. The main difference with the current Amarok is the design of the rear windows, with a more abrupt and ascending cut. To make it more striking as prototypes often look, add orange rescue hooks and a winch on the front bumper, off-road tires and roof bars with integrated LED lights. We estimate that the production version will be a clean pass of this sketch.

VW Amarok 2022 Engine

At the moment, Volkswagen did not advance more information about its future pick up, especially in terms of technical data. However, according to the Australian website Motoring, Ford would also take over the engines of the pickup. Although at one point it was said that Volkswagen would keep the well-known 3.0 V6 TDI engine that gave the Amarok such a good impact and that made it the most powerful truck in its segment, this engine would be more complicated – and therefore more expensive – to adapt to the platform created by the American brand, therefore, Volkswagen would have decided to leave the development of the impeller to Ford as well. This power plant would be none other than the F-150 Power Stroke, also a 3.0 bi-turbo V6, capable of delivering 253 hp and 60.8 kgm of torque. Although they are a few horses less than that of the Amarok, it gains slightly in torque (60.8 kgm vs 59.1 kgm), even these values ​​could be easily modified with tweaks in the electronics. As for the transmission, it would also share the 10-speed automatic transmission and the 4 × 4 traction system with reduction.

VW Amarok 2022

Who confirmed that the Amarok will continue to have a V6 in its offer was Nick Reid, Product Manager of Volkswagen Australia Commercial Vehicles, noting that this engine represented a great success for the brand since its introduction in 2016, so it is assured its continuity. However, the manager avoided providing details on the origin of the engine, only stressed that the pick up will be “incredible.”

The second generation of the Amarok would be presented in 2022 and for now, its production is only confirmed at the South African plant in Silverton, where Ford announced an investment of US $ 1 billion to manufacture both pick-ups there, with a production capacity of up to 200,000 units per year. In our region and our country, in particular, the current Amarok will continue to be manufactured at the Pacheco Industrial Center for several more years.

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