VW Golf 2023: Will it come with a facelift?

With the VW Golf Facelift 2023, the Wolfsburg-based company is responding to criticism of design and operation. The engines will change marginally, and so will the price. This is what the facelift could look like.

The Golf will soon be celebrating a big anniversary: ​​the million-seller will be the VW Golf 8 facelift 2024 50 years old. The eighth model generation started at the beginning of 2020 and marks the entry of the series into the digital age for 27,615 euros (as of November 2021) – undoubtedly very determined, but not entirely smooth. Especially the service gave cause for criticism.

The familiar buttons and switches were suddenly gone. Too many functions disappeared in the menu depths of the touchscreen operation. While there were around 50 direct access options to a wide variety of functions in the Golf VII, there are only 20 in the Golf 8. The slow start-up behavior of the GPS, for example, the time it takes from a GPS voice command to the “route guidance” action, is debatable. The so-called sliders – the defined wiping surfaces below the monitor – also ensure critical comments in tests.

VW takes it to heart: the Wolfsburg-based company will optimize its bestseller in December 2021 and change the chip supplier for it. The new semiconductors no longer come from Qualcomm but Samsung. Golf drivers do not notice the change of supplier, but the consequences do. The start-up behavior mentioned is around 40 seconds today. That will be done in just six in the future.

The major software update is intended to bring the Golf controls and later also those of the other model series on par with the MBUX system from Mercedes. In addition, significantly larger menu tiles should bring more of the most important functions to the menu surface, such as those for the telephone or seat heating. In early spring 2024, VW will take the next big step.

In the VW Golf 8 Facelift (2024), illuminated touch sliders and enlarged monitors will also be used. They should further simplify the operation. The screen behind the steering wheel will in the future measure 10.4 inches, the one on the center console even 12.9 inches.


VW Golf 2023

For the scheduled VW Golf 8 facelift (2024), the designers are taking on the redesign of the front and rear in particular but leaving the sheet metal untouched. So far, the front end has been pushed very deeply onto the road. The new front mask with a significantly higher grille visually lifts the front of the car. The bumpers are new, as is the interior of the headlights.

There is also something new at the rear: LED lights with a strong three-dimensional look are just as noticeable as the differently designed bumpers, depending on the equipment line. With the Golf and all other classic series with internal combustion engines, the era of the optical dummy exhaust covers is a thing of the past. Sports models such as the Golf GTI and the Golf R, on the other hand, retain their visible, real tailpipes. The dimensions (4.28 m long, 1.79 m wide, 1, 46 m high) are unlikely to change. In addition to enlarged monitors, a new center console in high-gloss black will be used in the interior. Volkswagen uses a completely new material, “Atrilur”, for the interior door panels.

This material, reminiscent of Alcantara, is made from 100 percent recycled material. An intelligent parking assistant will be new in the range of the VW Golf 8 Facelift (2024) as well as the E-models ID.3 and ID.4. This means that the car can be steered into tight parking spaces from the outside using a smartphone – not just straight, but also by turning the steering wheel. Even more: The “Trained Park Assist” function can learn distances of up to 50 meters – then the Golf can cope with difficult garage driveways, for example.

The engines are also new. The Golf GTE 1.4 hybrid will be on the 1st 5-liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine converted. The power increases from 245 to 260 hp. The 1.4 eHybrid also receives the 1.5 TSI, the output grows from 204 to 215 PS. According to VW, these second-generation plug-in hybrids can drive up to 100 kilometers purely electrically. The mild hybrids with a displacement of 1.0 and 1.5 liters (110, 130, 150 PS) should be even more economical and provide greater boost support.

Enhanced in this way, the Golf should defend its top position in the compact segment. 150 PS) should be even more economical and provide greater boost support. Enhanced in this way, the Golf should defend its top position in the compact segment. 150 PS) should be even more economical and provide greater boost support. Enhanced in this way, the Golf should defend its top position in the compact segment.

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