VW ID.5: first contact with electric SUV

Time itself, the electrical bet Volkswagen takes another turn. The ID.5 is going to give him a decisive weapon in the fight for the leadership in electromobility, which is getting so expensive with the increasingly powerful stakes from Tesla.

But this new model can turn the tables. Because the ID.5 goes exactly to the heart of electric car buyers’ preferencesSUV bodywork and coupe silhouette. It is the first crossover coupe in the history of the German manufacturer … and a good opponent to take a pulse to the very recent Model Y.

Volkswagen ID.5 … or an ID.4 coupe

Do not be fooled. The ID.5 does not go any further than the ID.4 disguised as a coupe. That is not little. Because after seeing it live we have to say that we liked it a lot … and that the ID.4 was already quite successful.

On the front, the differences are in nuance, although it is true that the ID.5 has a specific front bumper (more aerodynamic) … although in the sports version GTX it returns to the nose of its range brother, very recognizable by the three bulbs vertical led in the corners. But the ‘nougat’ is behind.

Because it is the rear that gives all the personality. The roof drop is smooth and is finished off with a rather original integrated rear spoiler. Its more dynamic character is also denoted by the fact that there is less plastic in the wheel arches, it disappears completely from the side sills, the roof is always black and on the front, the light strip that joins the headlights is standard (in the ID.4 it is one option).


In the proportions, it is where it is clearest that we are talking about twin cars because there are only a few millimeters of difference in length in favor of the ID.5 (it measures 4.59 meters). We sat in the rear seats to check if there was any decrease in headroom and we found a space similar to that of the ID.4 (Volkswagen recognizes 12 mm less at head height, which is something acceptable and that this is offset by a slightly more generous boot on the ID.5).

Interior touch-ups

VW ID.5 interior

On the inside, some things change, and others remain the same. For example, there is some ornamental detail that is appreciated, such as the dashboard seams, which give another grace to an area that for our taste was somewhat bland in the ID.3 and ID.4. Although passengers will appreciate more the two extra inches of the screen, now 12 “standard.

Among those that remain, we must mention the use of materials with components free of animal origins … except on the steering wheel, the only place in the car where the leather ‘holds’.

Three motors, one battery

Volkswagen has planned an initial range with three power options but a single battery: the most capable of the current generation of the group. Its 77 kWh capacity allows it to boast autonomy ranging from 480 kilometers of the ID.5 GTX (more benefits in exchange for slightly less range) to the 520 of the ID.5 Pro.


The three steps start with the 174 hp ID.5 Pro, to go from there to the 204 Pro Performance version (both with 520 kilometers per recharge). So far the versions with a single-engine (located on the rear axle), since the GTX achieves extra power thanks to the inclusion of the second drive in front (which also provides all-wheel drive). Its official maximum performance figure is 299 hp … although with nuances since it is a peak that can only deliver for a maximum of 30 seconds and provided that certain conditions are met in the battery. But there they are …

The maximum speeds are limited to 160 km / h in the ID.5 Pro and ID.5 Pro Performance and up to 180 in the GTX, and the acceleration figure ranges between 10.4 seconds of access and 6.3 of the sports variant.


New software … with many improvements

The Volkswagen ID.5 will be the first model of the brand that integrates the new 3.0 software. A program that, beware, manages to increase the maximum charging power from 125 to 135 kW in public stations (because the domestic one is kept at a maximum of 11 kW).

This, translated into time, would allow the most recommended recharging operation at fast stations to be reduced by 9 minutes. Now you can go from 5 to 80% of the capacity in just under 30 minutes, an interesting improvement over the ID.4.


Those responsible for the brand confirmed that the ID.4 can be updated to this new version shortly, free of charge and in the same way as with mobile phones, downloading it when the notice of availability appears in the car. Without going through the dealership.

The ID.5 ‘learns’ your garage space

The 3.0 software also unlocks a new functionautomatic memory parking. The car will be able to memorize some small daily journeys (up to 50 meters), for example, from the entrance door of the community garage to our square. The ID.5 can be repeated autonomously every day … including parking between columns.


It will also improve the effectiveness of the Travel Assist system (which allows semi-automatic driving in some situations, such as traffic jams), which will now be fed by the information contained in the cloud from other Volkswagen vehicles. In this way, for example, the system could alert us to an incident that occurred on our journey … a few kilometers ahead of our position.

Battery warranty

Volkswagen guarantees the battery for 8 years or 160,000 kilometers, establishing that when one of these figures is reached, the net capacity will remain at least 70%.

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