VW ID.5 GTX: Facelift, Photos & Price

The VW ID.5 GTX, the first SUV coupé of the ID. The family was already teased at the IAA and has now been spotted on test drives. We have pictures and information for you.

The new Volkswagen ID5 GTX was spotted during test drives after the manufacturer had already published teasers. Read on for more.

  • New VW ID.5 GTX teased
  • Similar specifications as ID.4
  • 77 kWh battery
  • Electric motor with 299 hp
  • Two electric motors and all-wheel drive
  • Up to 497 km range
  • Market launch in 2022
  • Prices could start from 55,000 euros

Do you need the functionality of an SUV for the whole family, but still want something with a sporty, coupé-like design? Do you want to drive electrically, but also cover long distances in one go? Well, Volkswagen may have the answer for you in the form of the VW ID.5 GTX, which will be presented at the upcoming IAA in Munich.

While we know that VW will offer the ID.5 with the same 204 hp single-engine rear-wheel drive as the standard ID.4 electric SUV, the first to be shown will be the ID.5 GTX, which is equipped with two engines, All-wheel-drive, 299 hp, and a slightly tuned suspension is equipped so that it drives a little sportier.

VW ID.5 GTX: design

The shape of the taillights looks like it’s been completely borrowed from the ID.4 – Volkswagen says they have “a 3D design [to] complete the feel of luxury”.

The big change this car brings is of course its roofline. While other electric VWs had more box-shaped shapes, the ID.5 GTX has a sweeping and sleek roofline that distinguishes it slightly from the ID.4 – especially when viewed from the side. Volkswagen describes the styling as “elegant sportiness meets efficiency” – you can think of what you want.

As the study vehicle shows, the ID.5 GTX also has a subtle spoiler lip on the trunk lid – so the view to the rear is somewhat impaired compared to the box-shaped ID4.


Judging by the teaser pictures that VW showed at the ID.4 GTX presentation, the new VW ID.5 GTX should have 20-inch alloy wheels and a slightly different front bumper than the production vehicle.

The rear bumper also appears to be slightly different from the regular ID.5 models, and the mandatory GTX badge will appear on the trunk lid.

VW ID.5 GTX: interior

However, due to the sweeping roofline, the ID.5 will not be as practical as the ID.4 with its conventional design. Don’t be surprised if taller passengers who just barely fit into the ID.4 bump their heads against the roofline of the ID.5. Even the trunk can probably not keep up with the 543-liter load volume of the ID.4.

Apart from the trunk volume and the headroom on the rear seats, the interior of the ID.5 GTX should not differ significantly from the ID.4. Both vehicles will have the same reduced interior layout and will likely be available with the same digital instrument display and 12-inch touchscreen technology.


The ID.5 GTX variant is said to offer the same interior improvements as the ID.4 GTX. This means that it has a “GTX” lettering on the backrests and generous standard equipment that underlines its status as a top model.

Battery, range, and performance

Since the ID.5 is so similar under the skin to the ID.4, it will almost certainly be equipped with the same battery technology. That means it will get a 77 kWh battery, which should be big enough to give it a range of up to 497 kilometers. Don’t be surprised if a version with a smaller 58 kWh battery and a range of around 350 kilometers is offered later.

Future ID.5 GTX models will be equipped with the same two-engine all-wheel drive as the ID.4 GTX. With an output of 299 hp, it should be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds. The optional adaptive chassis is intended to further improve the handling of this sporty electric car.

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