VW ID. Buzz starts in the classic sales model

Contrary to what was planned, the VW ID. Buzz initially go on sale in the classic sales model. Like the other electric models in the ID family, the MEB van should also be sold in the agency model. But nothing will come of it for the time being.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles starts advance sales of the ID. Buzz initially used the classic sales model in May, a VWN spokesman confirmed when asked by “Automobilwoche”. But the goal of selling the car in the agency model is sticking to it.

For the sale of the ID. models, the Volkswagen brand had agreed on the so-called agency model under the then Sales Director Jürgen Stackmann: The dealers are no longer the contractual partners of the customers, but VW itself. The dealers act as intermediaries or agents and receive an agency in return stipulated commission.

VW also wanted this model for the ID presented in March. and to apply Buzz. However, this model is not a vehicle from the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, but from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles – which is why the ID. Buzz is not covered by previous agency model contracts. However, negotiations between VWN and the VW Partner Association (VAPV) dragged on.

Last weekend, the VAPV informed its members that there was still no agreement. According to the report, the point of contention was the commission offered by VWN, which was too low for the dealers and the association. The compromise stipulates that the ID. Buzz is initially sold in proprietary trading – so the respective dealer is the direct contractual partner of the customer. The VW spokesman emphasized that they are still “in close contact with the VAPV to be able to use the ID. to sell buzz via the agency model”.

At the balance sheet press conference in March, VWN sales director Lars Krause stated that they were still working on the conversion to the agency model. “We are in very constructive talks,” said Krause two weeks ago. “We are looking for an amicable solution.”

The series production of the ID. Buzz Cargo started last week, and from the end of May the five-seater version of the ID. Roll Buzz off the production line. VWN is targeting between 12,000 and 15,000 units for the current year, and then 50,000 to 60,000 vehicles in 2023.

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