VW ID.Life new design language and new technologies

The VW ID.Life was presented as a study vehicle at the IAA. It is a compact crossover that gives an outlook on the urban mobility of the future. From 2025, the series model will then expand the ID.family. We have pictures and information about the ID. Life for you. With the VW ID.Life study vehicle, VW presented a concept at the IAA Mobility that stands for the urban mobility of tomorrow and is geared towards a young target group that lives sustainably, modern and urban.

  • Market launch planned for 2025
  • Starting price approx. € 20,000
  • Aimed at young people
  • VW’s answer to urban e-mobility
  • Almost unlimited flexibility
  • 234 hp power
  • Range of 400 kilometers
  • Natural and recycled materials in the interior

VW ID.Life: design and specifications

Volkswagen describes the ID as a compact crossover. Life. It is compact, we see less of the crossover, except that it is built quite high. The design of the study vehicle is very reduced, yet clear and of high quality. You deliberately do without decorative elements or add-on parts, and a mix of materials that is too complex would not have reflected the ID. Life is An urban mobility solution that focuses on communal experience.

Above all, sustainability, digitization, and a very flexible usage concept are the things that matter to the designers. The puristic look also shows a horizontal subdivision between the body, the glass surfaces, and the roof. You can customize the vehicle very flexibly and, for example, remove the roof. This gives you an open-air feeling in the ID. Life and also less weight.

The ID. Life should not primarily be a means of transport, but rather an expression of an attitude towards life that, according to VW, will become more and more important in the future. What you can experience together with the car is more in the foreground than mobility itself.

VW ID.Life

Sustainability is an important issue, and sustainability is also reflected in the body. Because a clear lacquer was used there, the color of which is formed by wood chips and a bio-based agent acts as a hardener. The air chamber textile used for the roof and the front cover are made entirely from recycled PET bottles.

Motors and battery

Just because it’s a city car doesn’t mean it can’t be powerful. An electric motor that drives the front wheels is hidden under the hood of the little speedster. The ID. Life is also based on the Group’s MEB platform, albeit on a version specially developed for small cars, and for the first time also with front-wheel drive.

The engine delivers a full 234 hp and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds. With a 57 kW battery, a range of 400 kilometers is possible, which is completely sufficient for a vehicle used in the city.


As outside, there is nothing inside that doesn’t have to be. The interior of the ID is very clean, very tidy. Life too – and of course sustainable again. The wood for the surrounds of the dashboard and the rear seats are combined with Artvelours Eco. In addition, organic oil, natural rubber, and rice hulls were used as raw materials for the tires – very innovative.

VW ID.Life

The keyword for the operating concept is also innovative. There are no normal inside and outside mirrors, cameras and a display serve as a replacement. The driving functions can be controlled via a touch field, and the open-top steering wheel contributes to the futuristic design. A smartphone can of course also be integrated into the operating system. This can be used to control navigation or music, films, or games, for example. They can then – watch out! – be displayed on the projection screen, as you can see in the picture below.

VW ID.Life

This is individual because this is how the ID. Use Life as a cinema too.

That would bring us to the next incredible functionality: the multifunctional interior. As a companion for digital experiences, it is unbeatable. You can easily turn your car into a cinema or gaming lounge and both a game console and a projector are already on board. We have already got to know the projection screen, it can be pulled out of the dashboard when necessary.

VW ID.Life

So that it is also comfortable, the seating concept can of course also be changed. The front bench seat can be folded down completely and the rear seat bench can also be folded down if you prefer to have a two-meter-long bed instead of cinema seating.

VW ID.Life Price

VW will be the production model of the ID as early as 2025. Bring Life to the market. That is two years earlier than originally planned. The starting price for the electric city runabout should be less than 20,000 euros. With this, the manufacturer wants to make electromobility accessible to more people.

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