VW Polo 2022: Photos, Price & Technical data

The popular small car VW Polo will get a facelift towards the end of 2021. Even if the Rendering pictures suggest that the updated Polo won’t change much, appearances are deceptive. We tell you what is known so far and have the latest pictures for you.

VW cleverly camouflages the facelift of the Polo behind the shell of the current model. But things will change with the small car from Wolfsburg. But don’t worry, the Polo will of course remain a Polo – that’s for sure.

You will have to be patient a little longer before the facelift of the Polo comes onto the market. Until then you can configure the current Polo model and get VW Polo offers. On average, you save 4,100 euros when you buy a new Polo through.

VW Polo 2022 Prices

After a good four years of construction, the time has come: the Polo is given a facelift. This is likely to be launched this year. As for the price, we don’t expect much to change compared to the current model. The current Polo starts at 15,530 euros.


We’re still somewhat in the dark when it comes to engines. It is unclear whether VW will donate new units to the Polo and which ones they might be. The Polo could also come as a mild hybrid version. As soon as we know more here, we will add this paragraph.

VW Polo 2022

Technical data and exterior design

Only at first glance, one might think that the pictures do not show a camouflaged Polo, but only the current model. However, if you take a closer look, you will notice some design changes that cleverly hide the look of the facelift. A lot of effort has been made, especially with the front and rear bumpers. The headlights are also covered but could look similar to those of the Golf 8 or the updated Tiguan.

Something will also happen at the rear, the two bulges on the tailgate suggest that the taillights of the new Polo will be wider, that is, they could protrude into the tailgate. That would make sense to bring the Polo closer to the new Golf in terms of design.

VW Polo 2022 Interior

As for interior space, not much should change. After the facelift, there will probably be just as much space in the trunk as there is currently. That would be 351 liters, if you fold down the rear seats, there are even 1,125 liters available.

The digital instrument cluster will probably receive an update, as will the infotainment system. But we cannot say exactly what will be improved.

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